Time for new chain rings?

Hi gang,
So long story short, watched some vids on youtube about poor shifting and checked my chain - it is well and truly fried.

I know that means I need to replace the cassette as well but I also think the chain rings may need to be changed (I’m almost certain!) but thought I would ask here before dropping the $$$.

Based on the pics, could anyone offer an opinion as to if they need replacing?

Thanks in advance!

I’ve seen worse chainrings than that and they’ve been ok. You could opt to change the chain and cassette first and see how that goes.

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The big one for sure. I finally replaced mine after first doing chain when I switched over to waxed chains. This change then exposed cassette wear, so replaced it and still had unreliable sloppier shifts onto big ring. Replaced big ring and everything is excellent again. Was around 10-12k on chain ring, 5k on cassette. Never kept my drivetrain clean enough so my own fault. Waxing has been a revelation in cleanliness and ease of keeping things free of debris that becomes grinding paste.

How many Km do you have on this setup?
Doesn’t look to bad, I would change the chain if its worn and see how that goes, then the cassette and only then the chainrings.
Personly I cycle throu three chains and ditch them after 2000k (on each, so 6000k total) an then the cassette is still fine.

How many miles you guys going on chainrings. I’ve got 4k on mine and hadn’t planned on changing them, but maybe I should…

Depends hugely on where you’re riding and how diligent you are about cleaning your drivetrain. Best thing is to get a chain wear tool from Parktool or similar and just check it regularly. A worn chain will wear out your cassette a lot quicker so it’s actually more economical to replace them. I’ve had 5k miles out of a chain on bikes which I use mainly in nice conditions and look after properly. I’ve also had chains that are way past the point where I should have replaced them after only 2k, where they were used in all weathers with a thick lube and not much cleaning.

Second that. And buy a chain guage plus another chain as the second will be a waxed spare to clip over once it starts sounding noisy. Will reduce overall wear too. Hope you’re using connex links.

Thanks for all the replies!

In terms of KMs I’ve done on it I bought the bike used when a pro team was disbanded so I don’t really know what it’s done.

I changed the cassette and chain I would guess 5000k ago but swap quite regularly between my trainer and out on the road.

I clean the chain and cassette very regularly; probably do a full clean one every 3/4 rides sooner when required.

I plan to wax my new chain so I’ll get a chain gage and new cassette but leave the chain rings for now I think.

Thanks evreyone!

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