Chain wear, cassettes and direct drives

So my turbo bike (best bike) is due a new chain according to my wear tool (100% gauge). However there are no signs of skipping or any shifting problems either on the turbo (90% of riding in one gear erg mode) or on my rear wheels cassette on the few occasions I take it outside.
I usually get a cassette and chain at the same time for other bikes.
On this occasion, would it be best to just get a chain first and see if it works, or maybe put the cassette from the wheel onto the turbo, and a new one on the wheel?
Is it a case of getting a new chain and two cassettes? Seems a bit of a waste of the existing components at this point.

I’d just change the chain, if it skips on either cassette address that when it comes. You’re normally ok for 3-4 chains per cassette anyway, especially if you change the chain when it’s due.

I’d also mix up what gear you stay in for erg to maximise the life of the trainer cassette.

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Swapping 1:1 with the chain is very costly and can be avoided.

General recommendation, replace your chain at the appropriate time, and you can get 2 to 3 chains on the cassette and chain rings. Just keep any eye on the chain with a wear indicator and replace early if there is any question.