Tilt *up* the Fizik Antares?

I had thought that you never tilt a saddle nose upwards.

But I’m riding my new Antares with -1 tilt, and I can’t keep my butt on the wide part.

Same tilt was just great with Arione.

Gonna play with position more, clearly, but is Antares an outlier?

Saddle tilt can be a bit up, a bit down, or level. There are few absolutes in fitting.

It is best to avoid tilt more greater than 3* (just to pick a number). If you are using greater angles, it is a sign that saddle selection, if not the entire fit, are likely bad and should be addressed.

Note, that saddle angle measurements can vary with the saddle shape, especially for “scooped” or “kicked” saddles. Generally speaking, the “level” recommendation that comes with most saddles applies around the middle to the nose section, and tends to ignore the “scoop” that is present at the tail or tip.


I’ve ridden the Antares for close to 15 years now. I always run it flat. If you are having trouble staying on the wide part you likely have too much reach or the fore aft is wrong