Through Axel on a TACX Flux (not Flux S)

My good lady wife recently purchased a new Canyon and she’s keen to start using TR.

First problem. We both have disc breaks. That means my CAAD12 which is currently on the trainer needs to utilise the provided TACX extender to bring it up to 135mm. Easy.

Much to my surprise, my wife new Canyon has a through axel both front and rear. So I’ve purchased the TACX through axel kit but I have to be honest, I’m scratching my head as to how it assembles. TACX instructions are rubbish at the best of times and even the YouTube videos I’ve found seem to contradict each other.

Does anyone use a through axel adapter on their TACX Flux? If so, do you have a link to the assembly video/instructions you followed?

Thanks in advance.

TACX Neo / Flux Smart Trainer Thru Axle Conversion - How To / Shane Miller - GPLama
I’m not sure I used this exact video but this should be all you need to know. It does work in my case.


Much appreciated :+1:

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