Threshold Progression

Do this. 125% or so.

Another option I really like in small doses is to do the over at 110% or so, but do 3-4 min hard start then do 4 over unders.

4min at 310W + (4x90s @ 240W + 3x30s at 310W)

E.g. FTP 280

Something like that for two or three sets. The duration of the over/under can change, but generally shorter, higher power overs with longer lower power unders.

These are build/peak type workouts for me… not base, FYI.

@brendanhousler showed these off… the hard start sets I stole from him and it works for me, again in small doses.

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Bang on threshold sets. Extend duration just below threshold. Then in build do your work above it.

I’ve seen good results from starting in low 90s the bottom of threshold, and ratcheting up every 5 minutes or so. And then hang just a little below threshold like you said. Undulations in the road, and wind, will naturally generate small surges above.

And the significantly over unders are pure gold for me. Out on the road it is really easy to adjust the over power, depending on how I feel. Big bang for the buck.


Went pretty good. Did the overs at about 400w which is 125% for me.
Definitely not as easy as I thought, shortened the last interval to 9min.
But way more fun than steady threshold.

Should you reach threshold hr doing these? I barely reached 90% hr.
For progression just add more over-unders?

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