Thoughts on Wheels - Princetone Carbonworks Peak 4550, 6560 and Roval Rapide CLX II

So last summer I bought a Tarmac SL8. I got the expert build, figuring if I wanted nicer wheels down the light, I would pick and choose.

So I am in the process of picking and choosing. I am torn between the Princeton Carbonworks Peak 4550 and 6560. I know that in theory the 4550 is the climbing wheel, and the 6560 is the flat wheel, but due to the low weight even on the 6560, I can’t imagine it’s terrible for climbing compared to the C38s currently on my bike. Further, I don’t like in a mountainous area. My closest climb over 1000 feet is more than a 30 mile ride from my home.

Now, to complicate the mix, the Roval Rapide CLX II have the DT Swiss 180 internals, for a significantly lower cost than the Princeton set, and the lack of sexiness. They’re just kind of plain (and looks do matter to a degree).

Has anyone here ridden on all three sets of these, and can perhaps share your experience?

For reference: 180ish pounds, I have entered a couple of duathlons, not a regular racer, but do plan on the occasional age grouper events.

The Rapide CLX 2s are my favorite wheelset. The 35mm width of the front with a 26-30mm tire has been an incredibly stable ride in some extremely windy places.

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I use the Dual 5550s and have been very pleased with the speed, comfort, and aesthetics

They will be much of a muchness in terms of performance. If budget allows, I would pick whichever make you want to ride your bike the most.

Princeton Wake 6560 looks awesome and great wind tunnel results on 25mm GP5000 S TR tires. Haven’t ridden them but if I wanted the best hooked wheels on paper, these would be at the top of my list. FWIW love my Roval Rapide CLX II mostly because they are fantastic in crosswinds, are hooked, and appear to offer great real-world performance with larger 30c and 32c tires (due to the wide external front wheel). Tarmac SL7.