Thoughts on having a rotation through multiple shoes

Hi TR forum.

I am currently rotating three sets of shoes on my road bike: Rapha Climbers, Fizik R1 and Fizik R3 on Shimano cleats.

I’ve tried to get the cleat positions to feel the same, but each shoe has a different feel especially on the trainer.

I keep the rotation going so that I never have to go through a break in period. This is in case a shoe or cleat happens to break and I need to go to a second shoe that day.

Any thoughts about advantages/disadvantages of doing this?


Sounds like a lot work. I’m huge on good feeling/working shoes/soles. But before I write something really dumb, what do you mean by “avoiding a break in period”. I know if a shoe will work or not pretty quick (one ride). Then I just want to ride that shoe only if I think they are good for me and I don’t feel a break in period. They just feel good.

Any reason you couldn’t pick one model of shoe you like the best and get 3 pairs of that one?

This is what I’ve done in the past, and being a mountain biker, it’s really helped on wet days when one pair of shoes is soaked through with mud, I can switch to another pair.