Slanted cleats?

Does anyone else find that their road cleats don’t wear evenly from left to right? E.g. one or both cleats develops a slight slant when you look at them from behind.

I’m not sure if it’s from walking on the cleat or perhaps uneven pressure while riding (maybe I need some wedges?).

I wonder if this is actually effecting my comfort on the bike and if I should replace cleats as soon as this happens, regardless of whether they still work.

My cleats are super beat up. I wouldn’t replace just bc they wear, but I’d replace if I feel play beyond what is expected or if the actual ledge of the clip-in is worn to a certain degree (I use shimano).

I get similar wear to what you’re experiencing. Mine wears more towards the interior. I have actually worn the pedal (shimano) to the extent that I replaced it. You could try wedges but it’s a personal preference.

This type of wearing has no impact on my comfort on the bike or anything that that.

Yes. In my case it is absolutely from walking or from unclipping frequently at stops.

I tend not to replace the cleats when this happens. I also don’t care a whole lot about my own performance. As long as it doesn’t cause injury, I don’t worry about it.

For my wife, I’ll change them a little/lot sooner.

My cleats always wear like that, eventually I end up with one side which is good and the other side which has worn too thin causing unclipping. My ex coach says I should try an angled spacer, I use Specialized spacers anyway, so it was simple to flip one round to create a 0.5 deg angle. My current cleats are square but I can’t remember when I last replaced them (looking at their condition it might have been recently, gold fish memory :roll_eyes:)

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I had the wife measure my feet and as I expected, the left foot has a bit more varus than my right.
So I ordered some wedges to see if this doesn’t improve comfort on the trainer (on the road I don’t really have a problem).