THM Clavicula SE vs SRAM Red AXS crankset

Has anyone made the swap from a SRAM Red AXS crankset (with Quarq PM) to a THM Clavicula SE (with power meter).

I’m debating doing the swap. I know the weight is less and there’s the bling factor, but will the ride quality suffer? Is it way less stiff? Power transfer? I know it’s a downgrade on the power meter.

For reference on the shifting: I would be putting either Praxis chainrings or Wolf Tooth. I’d be staying away from Carbon TI like it’s the plague.

Nothing really to add but “bling it out Mikey” and “Mikey likes it!”- sorry had to do it

Edit: just saw your Aethos - definitely do it!

Rides of Japan on Youtube moved to the THM Clavicuala with his Dura Ace/Ultrgra build - its not exact but might get you some perspective on the crank (weight, chain rings, etc)


:joy: I’m impervious to your charms Mike lol but that first line was hilarious