Thin, full finger xc glove

Several years ago Specialized made a great, thin full finger glove. There was little, if any, padding and no Velcro closure. I loved those gloves but they don’t make them any longer.
I’m looking for recommendations for a similar glove. I’m currently wearing Giro DND gloves. While they are durable, they are thicker than I like.
Anyone have a favorite thin glove with no Velcro closure they like. Need to be available in 2XL-3XL depending on manufacturers sizing.

Leatt gloves.

I bought some when I was away from home as they were the right price. I typically get ones with a gel pad and these were so thin.

ETA: looks like they were “MTB 2.0”

That’s a random international listing. Only NZ results are popping up for me.


My go-to summer gloves are Specialized Long Finger Grails with the pad removed.

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I don’t race XC but I really like the Primal Full Finger gloves. Super thin, no padding, and the XL fits my (very large) hands perfectly. Got a second pair because I like them so much.

Edit: size I wear

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These Bontrager Evokes are quite minimal and light.

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I wear 100% Celium which last for an age and have no padding. I do find they fit small though so get a size larger than normal.

Just found these on the same site, but Fox.

Try the handup gloves. They are inexpensive, thin, and no velcro.


+1 for Handup - tip: they run small!


I wear these in the summer as my fingers post chemo can’t cope with being exposes to the wìnd. Endura Hummvee Plus Long Finger Cycling Gloves II | Tredz Bikes

SupaCaz at one point, maybe 2018/2019 made the best gloves that fit exactly what you are describing.

This glove, they had about 20 different color combinations and were about 30-35$. I loved them. Not sure what happened with the limited color options.


I once forgot my gloves and wore these that were in my truck:

They sucked.


I have a pair Giro Rivet gloves that are really thin:

Handup gloves are good, I’m coming from the Specialized / Body Geometry grail also.

Unfortunately my pro model Handup gloves have a fat seam on the inside thumb, that’s totally in the wrong place for dropper lever usage. It could be a one-off though… The Handup non-pro gloves are excellent, so try those out

I think that’s what I have and they’re fantastic.

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Hirzl Grippp Light or Tours.

Honestly buy gloves from a company that only make gloves.

Ski in hestra, ride in hirzl.

Another for Handup! I have 6 pairs so that says something right?

I just picked up a pair of the vented gloves from Handup along with a few pairs of the normal ones on sale and love them.

No velcro and they hold up well, and they protected my hand during a crash on the road that has me off the bike for a few weeks.

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Specialized grail
Supacaz (only get these on sale, they’re not $40 gloves, perfectly happy at $10-15, and they’re on sale like 39x a year it seems)

I’ve got two pairs of the Leatt and love 'em