Summer gloves for heavy sweater

After a slip off of the bars yesterday and a near-miss, I realized that I need gloves. All of the gloves I’ve read about are designed with different gels or pads - not quite sure I need those. Do y’all have any recommendations for half-finger gloves to keep my hands dry and on the bars? Thanks.

No padding:

Minimal padding:


I have a couple of pairs of Specialized BG Grail gloves, all of mine had gel pads in the palm. But I removed the gel by cutting a small hole on the inside and pulling it out.

On older models I pulled the pads out because I thought they weren’t comfortable, on the newest ones I pulled the gel out because it balled up inside the glove on the first ride. But I like them with the pads out and I didn’t really want the gel anyway.

Ha! Good idea removing the pads out of the Grail gloves. I’ve had two basically new pairs ball up on me like that. Thanks for the tip!

Yes, it’s ridiculous that they do that. I do like them without the pads but for them to ball up like that an hour into their first road ride is crazy.

On the newer ones you don’t need a very large hole, say 3/8" to pull out a pad that’s already in a ball. I just cut between two of those vent holes that are already there near an edge.

Yeah I just did the same thing with one of my sets. Fit is still great, but now my hand won’t be falling asleep from the 1” diameter gel ball right underneath the ulnar nerve.

I don’t know why but I never would’ve thought to remove the gel. Maybe I was afraid to “ruin” them?

My new favorite glove is the Giro Jag glove. It is only a $20 glove. The padding is minimal.

I also have some Giro Zero gloves which are thin, no padding, no velcro or straps - they just slip on.