The test App - is there a thread?

It seems the mph seems closer to what I would expect… sometimes I do a tough workout and it shows as 9mph whereas I did Taku this morning and it was about 15mph

I know it doesn’t matter in terms of getting faster but I’m sure non TR users chuckle at my low speed efforts on Strava - which kinda matters :joy:

Use a bigger gear and you will get a higher Speed.

Not related. A friend of mine had a Garmin device which he used in his car and bike. He was contacted by his insurance company why was he doing 125MPH 3 days ago. He had used the bike single way journey and caught the Train back home.

So if you want good stats, take Garmin on a train.


I’m not choosing a gear to get a higher speed, was more interested as to whether accurate speed regardless of gearing is a new feature

Good job on the train :joy:

No, it is not.

That would be very concerning if my insurance company had access to how fast i was driving. Would not want them to have that data.