Early Access to iOS Beta: Updated TrainerRoad

Alright, here’s my initial thoughts:

On startup it was a bit slow to load as expected but is running really fast now. Generally, I’m impressed with the layout and appearance. The month drop down is an excellent addition that makes navigating the list calendar so much easier.

I will note that when I first exited a workout review the calendar randomly jumped back to May for some reason

But that appears to be a one-off. One thing I noticed is that the edit workout option doesn’t do anything. It just leads to a gray screen with the save button. Nothing else and no typing field for notes. Being able to put notes in here would be awesome.

Then I took the new PB functionality for a spin and holy smokes it was smooth. Super simple and lightning fast. Couple notes, the updated descriptions for experience are excellent and make selecting the right level easier

Additionally the drag and drop schedule adjustment for workout days works like a charm

One thing that bugged me though was the review plan screen

Key portions of the workout names are chopped off which makes a quick overview before adding to calendar impossible. So I have no idea which version of the workout will add unless I go through and individually click each one which was a touch annoying. I feel like some of the gray space on the sides could be used more effectively and perhaps a combination of reducing font size for the workout name/shrinking the workout structure image could make this screen so much more convenient and user friendly. EDIT: I use an iPhone SE so not sure if there is a similar issue with larger iPhone models.

That’s all I have for now, no group workout functionality, which is understandable, so trying a ride this weekend and will report back on that.

Some past rides are not showing correctly, even though initial history sync is finished. Issue persists after force-closing the app:

(Image of same Leconte workout on Desktop app to prove I didn’t just bail :stuck_out_tongue: )


Did a group workout this morning and it looks like group workouts confuse the beta app

The workout is duplicated and the completed version is blurred out. Also the workout labels are flipped, with the completed version indicating “Planned” and the duplicate indicating “Completed” but not having any completion metrics for the ride.

EDIT: I was looking at the top left. Looked again down below and shows correct there so small discrepancy.

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Am I missing the quick workout variant list?

Previously I could start at my calendar, press the scheduled workout and before loading the workout being up variants to choose.

Maybe never mind… seems the ones I was looking at may not have variants. I found others that do show the list :slight_smile:

Edited again… I think there is something strange about the Variants button and what is displayed. Today’s ride was “Whiteface” and if I search the catalog I see a -1 version, however when I opened the workout from my calendar I did not see a variant button at all. I get TR wants me to be faster and not take shortcuts but I only had 60 minutes :slight_smile:


Did my first workout today and it all worked really well. Didn’t have any issues with it at all. The workout was done in ERG mode and the trainer responded well. Layout was clean and crisp. My only comment would be that the writing summarising the end of the segment (as seen in the screenshot above) was very small and could be larger as there is space available.

Also my TSS doesn’t seem to align with what I have in the calendar but that seems to be on the PC as well so might be another issue.

it is easier to switch between ERG and resistance mode as well.

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Installed and logged into the app. Going through menus as I have a workout a little later. Noticed ride sync does not have any connections on the beta even though it is connected in my account. Maybe just a small thing but wanted to point it out.

Going to connect them to make sure they get uploaded before the ride. It would be nice to not have to click into the menu to see if ridesync connections are active on ios app as it would only be a little more scrolling.


Sorry for another post but I am assuming the tss graph you see online is not part of this?

If not is it possible to add the 6wk avg and 6wk daily average to this section? Probably more difficult but really nice to see this online. (Ignore the text box in the screen shot)

Will report anything else after I do my workout today and thank you for adding me.


I just installed via Test Flight and it did replace the app store version of the app.

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Same for me which I am fine with personally.

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Language does not seem to automatically follow the system standard. Had to manually set it back to English.

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Favorite workouts did not copy over from previous non-beta app

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Same for me. The beta installation replaced my current production version. I’m not sure if it was said earlier in this thread, but a small orange dot next to the app name indicates it is a TestFlight beta version. My only installed TR app has the orange dot.

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Completed workout with no issues, but once completed couldnt find section to put in ride notes. When trying to edit workout after the fact to find notes section, app stalled on a blank screen when in edit ride screen. Had to force shutdown app to exit edit ride screen which was blank.


Another bug to report. Went to delete tomorrows workout as I was going to replace it with something else but it shows up as below and wont let me click into it. Refresh does nothing. Also when you delete and press save I was expecting it to go back instantly but used the arrow on top left.

Edit: if I back out of the app and then restart it takes it does the refresh correctly as intended.


Same, I didn’t get the option to keep the original - or it wasn’t clear. No issue though. Did you have to connect your devices again rather than the app and phone automatically connecting to them?

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I had to repair. Quick 15 seconds though for hrm, pm, and trainer.

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End of workout the calendar showed completed version and still to do. Force closed app and reopened and it was fine.


Same here

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Thank you everyone for all the feedback, we’re organizing issues and every report is extremely helpful! I’m updating our list and the OP right now. I’ll make a note in the FAQ about the replacing of your current production TR app.

I just added a bunch more athletes to the testing group, please keep signing up! I’ll continue to add through the weekend and you should have access within a day of applying!

Last request, we are really interested to see how your experience goes with the Workout Player. Please try some rides, and please use it exactly how you would normally. Thanks again for putting it through it’s paces, and keep the feedback rolling!