The Spirit of Gravel

This is great.

Watch and learn, people.

The Spirit of Gravel - YouTube


I just started the Bonk Bros podcast (I tried to find it after Unbound but it wasn’t on my app and I forgot about it).

Interesting discussion. I found their argument for aerobars weird lol. I don’t care for the spirit of gravel bollocks.
Ride what you want, all cyclists look a bit daft to some extent, and Gravel cyclists tend to want to be different anyway lol, but with regards safety - is it not all to do with aerobar usage in groups? Not being able to reach the brakes? I’m not deep in the gravel chats, but it struck me as odd that that’s not the discussion point.

ITU banned them also for the risk of puncturing another rider in a crash. They allowed bars that joined at the top and didn’t extend passed the hoods.

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Thanks! Something to listen to on tomorrow’s ride

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Thanks. I really enjoyed this one!

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