Aero Road Bars on Gravel Race Bike (NOT Clip-Ons)

In episode 188 there was a ton of useful info on aerodynamics. Nate mentioned using his aero kit and helmet at different races, something I do also. I would like to get aero drop bars [not clip-ons] for my gravel bike.

Can anyone see a down side to doing this? I live in MI so our gravel roads here are pretty tame.

Lack of control in rough stuff and may well be banned in some races. My personal opinion is dont use them unless solo

Edit: I may have understood you, do you mean clip on aero bars? If not then yes, work away

I think he’s talking about aero drop bars - not aero clip ons. And yes, I would use them.


Do you mean aero bars like these:


Or road bars like these:

If the first - safety concerns - I’d say no. If the second - go for it

Yeah, I was just editing my post there but you were too quick :slight_smile:

There are 3 downsides; they weigh more, they might be less comfortable on the tops, and internal routing is a PITA. Otherwise they should be faster.

Yeah looking at something like the Ness bars. Good question. I just dont see a downside so I am not sure why I dont see them at races.