The Quad Baby is Kicking

So I’m lying in bed after a couple days of good hard training and my right quad is involuntarily twitching every few seconds… I asked my wife if she wanted to feel the baby kick… she declined. Anyway, any ideas what causes this? anyone else have this happen? It’s not uncomfortable, but maybe slightly annoying, anyway to make it stop.

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My legs do the same thing. Especially when I used to log LOTS of miles. It’d also flare up if I rode on really hot days (I’d also get cramps at night when my body would finally cool down). Lots of folks suggested that I supplement potassium but that never did anything. I spoke to my doc and he suggested that I try magnesium. That really seemed to help with both issues.

Just take note there are a few types of Mg supplements and a few of them are used to help with constipation (Mg Oxide and Citrate IIRC). Go slow on supplementation because you don’t want poopy pants.

Also there’s a connection b/n Mg and Vit D if you’re supplementing you should look into it.

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It’s just training a little too much, too hard.

I always see it as a sign of having done a hard workout. Unnerving but not bad

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Not having seen it, it’s most likely fasciculations. These are short twitches of muscle units (check YouTube), arising from the neuronal-muscle interplay.

Fasciculations are therefore seen in many neurological disorders, but also totally common after exercise.

It’s an electrolyte imbalance of some sort. I used to get it a lot and would occasionally cramp in the night. It stopped once I started using High 5 zero tabs in my bottles (other brands available :grinning:).