Muscle spasm after high intensity

This year I have been dedicated to consistency, in the past 5 months I have missed 3 TR workouts. I’m not new to TR as I have been a member for over 2 years but 2020/2021 has given me more time to sit on my sit and train. As I have rolled through Base, Build and now Specialty (I’m on the Rolling Road Race plan) I have completed every workout attempted without failure. I’m doing the low-volume plans and adding 1-2 outside rides for fun. I have noticed lately which is new is now that I’m pushing myself harder and harder with a higher FTP and doing V02 almost every day that I have been getting these micro muscle spasms in my calves and legs. They last about 12-24 hours after the ride. They’re not that bad but definitely noticeable I have been taking Calcium, magnesium, and Zinc nightly and getting eh so so sleep. I’m usually a light sleeper and don’t get a good sleep in general. Within the first 10 mins of getting off the bike, I’m getting some post work out nutrition and doing about 20-30 min of yoga stretching my legs out and upper body. I just recently logging this in my journal and don’t recall this being an issue in base or any other time for that matter. I’m interested in what this means and if it is normal to experience after high-intensity workouts. any thoughts or suggestions?


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I am every night

Same here… If you are talking about a feeling like ants are crawling inside your legs? (Quite nice actually).

I actually do take quite some magnesium too, between 400 and 800 mg per day :slightly_smiling_face:

More sodium intra-training, and around the clock might be prudent, assuming your blood pressure is 120/80 or lower.

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I was getting it a lot 3 or 4 years ago, the morning after high intensity, waking to it. I felt I was hydrating plenty (admittedly before and after) but it turned out for me that it was an iron deficiency. Since that was fixed touch wood in 2 years I can only recall 1 proper spasm and a couple time I’ve had to shake off my leg to prevent it.

About actually painful spasms, and legs seizing up: I tend to get these when I go very low on intensity (recovery week, a few days off the bike), and it goes away rather quickly after a few minutes at threshold or over :man_shrugging:t4:

Anyone else experiencing this too?

Yea like Micro Twitching. I ended up getting up and cleaning and packing up the house and eating some chips and salsa and its gotten better. I drink about my weight in oz in water a day and more when i ride… I set reminders on ym watch to take in water and make sure i drink about a 1- 1.5 bottles an hour while riding.

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Ive had a similar problem! At first I was drinking a lot of water and not realizing that I needed more than just water. After using salt pills and dialing in that part, I still got cramps on intensity rides and realized it was just muscle fatigue.
To make a long story short, I now fuel before my rides, during my rides, use proper hydration using LMNT in my water, and training with weights.

I’m someone that has struggled w/restless leg syndrome for quite some time, which worsens when I’m typically nearing the end of a training cycle as legs most fatigued, etc. In addition to the magnesium what has helped out quite a lot is the normatec compression boots.

I can’t say if this is a contributing factor but VO2 3x/wk for any extended stretch of time is a whole lot of intensity. Much more than most coaches would probably prescribe. Those LV plans are very high intensity so I would make sure that those outdoor rides are low Z2 or lower.


Tell me more about the normatec usage and it’s benefits, if measurable/noticeable for you. I’m interested to hear of their effects on RLS for you (and others).

Are you sure it goes beyond placebo? Asking out of both research interest and vicarious interest for my wife.

Its LV Specialty Rolling Road Race plan.

Yes, the benefits are very noticeable for me. I was literally at the point of going crazy as getting such little sleep d/t restless legs. The normatec boots were a savior. I don’t use them every night, but typically rest weeks and when I’m nearing the end of a training progression when my restless legs get the most worse. During those times I am using typically just prior to bed for about an hour. I’ve also used them in the middle of the night if my legs are bad and that helps me get back to sleep. There is definite research on the use of pneumatic compression and restless leg syndrome, this is just a couple of articles: Pneumatic compression devices are an effective therapy for restless legs syndrome: a prospective, randomized, double-blinded, sham-controlled trial - PubMed and Sequential compression devices for treatment of restless legs syndrome - PubMed and Resting Easily with RLS | Sleep Review

Anyhow the normatec compression boots have made a significant impact for me, the other benefit is I get to use them when my legs are trashed from training. Hope that helps


Thank you i have thought about getting them i have used them before on 12 hour rely races and liked them . Ill have to take that into consideration. I have also changed my diet and my post work out drink to add electrolytes. It seems to have helped this week.