The podcast dedicated to making us ... better

I love the fact that you guys actually care about keeping us healthy, resilient, and whole human beings, rather than focusing on just “helping” us get faster.

Faster is, understandably, a sexier word for athletes, albeit amateur ones, to think about, but in the end it matters that we reinforce the things that matter in life.

This thought has come to me many times over the past year or so while listening to your podcast, and I just wanted to point out what most of us listening already know, you are world-class coaches when it comes to evangelizing -in a fun way- the ethos of being an athlete in terms of being a real human. This is as much a philosophy podcast as it is a coaching one, and it could not be more accessible and downright enjoyable.

I’ve posted this to see how other members of this deservingly awesome community feel about these thoughts.