What happenned to Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast episode 252 March 26th 2020

I was wondering what exactly happened? the youtube video was 42 minutes long then disappeared. Did the recording get lost?

I tried watching live and had streaming problems. A quick check of other content on YouTube appeared to stream fine, so perhaps something wrong on TR side? Just a guess.

2020 has been one of those years… the stream caught a virus possibly…

The stream died :frowning:. We were sending it out via zoom and that connection failed.

We have a full recording and that’s going up soon.


Phew - liked the look of the content.

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Audio version is up on Soundcloud (not sure about others).

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The audio has been released. So check that out on your favorite podcast apps!

The YouTube video is uploading now. So stay tune for that!


Wow, this was easily one of the top ten episodes ever IMO. The VO2 max discussion and especially @ambermalika’s incredible answer on “why does it feel good to workout” were both top notch. Way to go podcast team.


What time is the podcast live in GMT timezone?


Great content again. @ambermalika The explanation on the virtuous cycle of exercise was well explained. As you all even expressed, the “runner’s high” is real and there is rational behind it.

We have seen in the past several years a significant number of endurance athletes share their struggles with mental illness and depression. Is there research that would help explain why many of physical, emotional, and psychological benefits of exercise are being overridden in these athletes?

Thanks shirt being part of the podcast.