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Re: Israel, my experience is that they now do not stamp your passport but give you an entry visa on a small piece of paper. On the flip side, they had a lot of questions for us after they saw our stamps for Jordan and UAE :scream:


I think Brandon. If they are in the hunt for a top finish and he’s chasing Jonathan hard.

My guess was that Nate would push to hang with Sofia, which is why I’m guessing he will be the first

Does this count as double smack talk?

  1. Nate first to crash
  2. Nate getting pushed to his limits / beyond his limits by Sofia


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Well, yes and no: AFAIK you do get extra scrutiny by Israeli if you have been in other Middle Eastern countries, too. And while that is mostly a nuisance, you could actually miss your flight. (I was at the airport 5 hours in advance and almost missed my flight.)

You are right that some other Middle Eastern countries might refuse entry when you had been in Israel, but unless something has changed, it is also more convenient to deal with Israeli immigration and security.

First time I learnt that transit visas were a thing was in the mid-2000s when my then-gf (who is Mexican) wanted to visit me in Germany. Fortunately, I had booked a flight with a layover stop in Europe and not the US, because otherwise she would not have been able to take that flight. If you come from a country with a powerful passport, you just don’t know the hassle that things like visas and transit visas are for others.

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In the past it’ been pretty easy to follow individual teams on the Cape Epic website, so it’s probably best to keep an eye on that once the race starts.

Yes, there is has been a follow the rider feature in past events.

I haven’t finished listening to the podcast yet; stopped at the point where Nate asked about Load Shedding (scheduled power outages). It’s been in effect this whole week, and was planned to end today. They might get lucky and dodge that one.

Gotta love the closed captions in utube. So wrong, but so true at the same time.

Taken from the latest podcast.

Good luck everyone. Try not to end your asses.


You can find the TR teams here: just search on TrainerRoad


Just found the app to follow the teams on there too.



Fuel is not fitness…and I don’t think this is a race where you want to come in well under-cooked. I’m thinking Nate is gonna suffer a fair amount in the middle of the race and then find some legs again for the last day or two.

ETA - I hope I am wrong, but some of his comments in the podcast last week raised the red flag for me.


Download Epic Series app and find them in the Riders then follow


Their team numbers are
31, 247, 248

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I’ve added links in the OP to their team profiles on the Cape Epic website. If permanent tracking links become available for each team’s progress during the race, I’ll add them too!


One question: Sofia’s bio on the Cape Epic website claims she “only” won 3 national championships, whereas you wrote she has 5 under her belt. Perhaps someone should nudge the organizers to correct that.

Let’s get this party started! Good luck to all.

Anyone know who Lachlan Morton ended up teaming up with?

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A South African rider, it’s on the IG story so maybe on the team lists?
ETA: Kenneth Kerraya


@SeanHurley are any of the TR crew wearing/carrying GoPros at all?

I know the coverage is in general awesome, but it follows the Pro field (very much my preference in normal circumstances).

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