The Legend of Shirtless Keith

thought I need to share …


I love people like this, keeping cycling weird.

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I think it’s great. Way to go shirtless Keith!

This man is a legend


This is awesome. Absolutely outstanding!

This is Pulitzer worthy:

"It never takes long to hook some mid-40s dude on a $15,000 rig. The dude takes one look at Keith’s boots, 40-lb. bike and shirtless back, rolls his eyes, puts the hammer down, and blows by. Dude looks back and sees that yeah, he passed Shirtless Keith, but now Shirtless Keith is passing him. Fast. Dude hops onto Keith’s wheel and pretty soon he’s stuffed into the pain burrito as Keith gets the 55 rolling.

Then Keith stands up and starts pounding like the world’s biggest mashed potato maker, and pretty soon the dude is gazing down at his $5,000 power meter which is telling him that he left his FTP back in Portuguese Bend and it’s exactly fifteen seconds to detonation time.

Shirtless Keith rides away."


this guy has dropped me VERY hard. he really is crazy crazy strong. the legends are true. dont try to race Keith.