The Ironman Training Thread 2024

Officially dislike you, that is my 100m PR split. Was that meters or yards?


Ha, ha. That’s in yards, thanks man! FYI, I have spent years in the upper 1:40’s/100. Two years ago I hired a coach for one session. Worked on my head position and stroke rate. He had me in the upper 1:20’s/100, although I can’t duplicate that on my own. Went back into the pool last month concentrating on head position and my catch for stroke rate and things just seem to be falling into place!

Moral of the story, work with a coach!


March was a great month for me, 44 hours of training in total. Nursing a calf strain but I’m managing to keep running with a few walking breaks. Swimming is dreadful, but having some lessons locally and doing the suggested drills. Managed all the planned TrainerRoad workouts, plus some extra zwifting and commuting. FTP is rising steadily, from a crappy 174 at the end of January to 213 as of yesterday. Got 15 weeks left until Swansea 70.3 to keep on improving. FTP was 235 in last year’s race, so hopefully will top that this year.


:man_swimming: Swim is progressing slowly. Averaging 1:52/100m Considering adding a fourth swim session into the week.

:biking_man: My long rides on the weekend have been a bit OTT. TR Suggested Adaptations seems to agree so I’ll be cutting them down a bit and try to adhere to the plan a bit more. FTP improved while weight remained static. 209 → 223 W/kg 2.99 → 3.19

:man_running:Had only been doing run/walks after coming back from a knee injury. Everything going well in that department. TR plan suggested 30 second strides on a run which while performing, twinged something in the calf/Achilles area. Thought it was bad at first but I’m back to Zone 2 running after a week. Thankfully it fell just before a Recovery Week, so had plenty of rest. Treated myself to some max cushioned shoes to save the knees a bit as I think I’ll mainly be plodding along slowly to avoid injury.


I would be happy doing 50 at that pace… :cry:

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Training has been going well thanks :+1:
Just done a big week in sunny Fuerteventura - 42hrs training in 7 days.

Have done some training races over the last 2 months. A half marathon in 69:33 & 21 miles (~45min) bike TT in PR power (330w or 5.2 w/kg). Swim feels to be improved from last year also.

Racing in just 2 weeks at Challenge Gran Canaria (20/04). Then Ironman Lanzarote the month after.


Thanks @gesteves. I’ve had a so so month, with good weeks interrupted by two average weeks: one week I was away with work and couldn’t train much, then I had a bit of achilles tendonitis so had to lay off run and bike for a week. Still working my way back on the running front but biking is fine.

Although it was an interrupted month I’m feeling in a good place. Swimming finally clicked a few weeks ago so feeling back to my best with that. I did a cycle sportive last weekend. It was the first time I’ve ridden hard all training plan so was a bit of a benchmarking exercise to see where I’m at, but I felt strong, normalised power was good for me, so I’m feeling in a good place to kick on with my cycling in the next few months. I’m taking a week off later this month to have a big cycling week.

So overall, 3 months out from my A race I’m feeling in a good place. My only slight concern is that the tendonitis flairs up again with my running so I’ll have to keep an eye on that.


Can we talk swim rpe/effort?

Using CSS, I’ve big doing my base intervals at CSS, my speed intervals hard, and my continuous base intervals at CSS +4 seconds (ish). Based on this thread:

I’m re reading the thread and wondering if I have it wrong? Should I be doing base intervals at CSS, and continuous base at CSS?

What is everyone else doing? I’m using the TR plan 100% because it’s easy to follow and works for now.