The Ironman Training Thread 2023

Realistically a minimum of 4 weeks and a maximum of 10 weeks. I might have intermittent bike access during that time, but 100% will be able to run.

I would do a marathon/half marathon plan if it goes to 10 weeks… You would gain TON of fitness…
If its shorter, then have fun and just run to experience the new place

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Yeah - I’m thinking about a marathon block - luckily I don’t “need” a race to be able to push towards, so might set myself a real lofty time goal and go all in on marathon prep!

Appreciate your interaction


I’m putting together a marathon block myself, leading up to Christmas.

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Aware you’re in the pro field, so you need to consider the bike dynamics and changing of pace that occur. You can get away with this easier for a 70.3 than a full, so just one thing to keep in mind. Also for IM France, did you do any heat prep in advance?

Welcome to the the forums and the Ironman training thread @N_Cornyn , how’s the training going and have you got an race in mind yet?

Now I’m just a week and a day out from my HIM. I just noticed my plan suggests a 1hr50min long run this weekend. That seems excessive for the week before. What do you guys think? I might just cut it short.

It depends on your training to date, how strong a runner you are, how experienced at 70.3 and so on.

How has your training been so far? Are you doing a TR half plan?

I am using the TR HIM plan. I’m an okay runner (5K probably around 23-24min these days). This will be my first HIM. My last long run was 1hr40 but ended up being 1hr51 since I failed to do my planned turnaround lol.

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Yeah cut it back and keep it easy. Nothing to gain seven days out.

Good luck next weekend at the New York 70.3

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I’m imagining that you’re pretty chuffed with the 2h49 you just bagged then :sweat_smile::+1:. Passing Horsfall-Turner and Davis in the last 10km too.


Been super busy with life / work and training for Nice last weekend.

Not enough swimming and non wetsuit meant I was ok with my 65 minute swim.

Biked my way up to 5th in AG with a steady but not spectacular ride (I mean in terms of effort, the course was definitely spectacular)

Felt terrific going into the run, target 3:0x looking good. That was before a collision with another athlete at an aid station led to a niggle in my back becoming a ‘I can barely walk’ level of pain by 23k. Pulled the plug as feared I was doing some damage……

Not ideal. But didn’t fancy trudging around for another 3 or 4 hours and maybe exacerbating the problem. So went to the bar on the promenade des anglais and had several beers instead.

Back seemed ok with a turbo session this morning and physio seems happy it isn’t anything spinal. May look at a late entry to Portugal.


Argh, it’s amazing how the small things can destroy us. Sorry to hear that.

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I’m thinking the ‘unthinkable’ - going from tri bike to road bike for hilly long courses.

Why? I’ve been on several European IM courses and had a few mechanicals, and a fair amount of pain. Only some really felt like I gained a lot from the aero position. Secondly I’m heavy. Hills slow me up more than the vast majority, so I’ll spend more time climbing than most.



Sold my TT bike as I can’t see me doing another flat ironman as I find them boring. Never really enjoyed hours in the TT position either.

Just signed up for Alpe d’Huez long course next July where I’d take a road bike even if I still had the choice.

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You can work the numbers in BBS but in general it never works in favor of road bikes.

If the position is getting painful, you can make it less aggressive.

Thanks @JoeX, I am certainly happy with how I performed on the day.
53hr 30min & 245w NP (4.0w/kg) on the bike is similar to my other IM events and the 2hr 50min run was a big step forward for me.

Results wise, definitely lost out to some pack dynamics up the road.
Realistically on a flat bike course (500m over 182km) like this, I would need to be making the 12-man strong 50-minute swim group to be in the mix.

Short turnaround with Ironman Portugal in 4 weeks. The course should be better for me.
Wetsuit swim, hilly bike with front-loaded climbing to break groups & a hilly run to close it out.


Myself and @nicco know the Portugal route from last year, don’t know if they’re changing it again.

The (cold) bay swim is pretty straightforward although swimming into the rising sun is tricky for sighting. Some sharp speed bumps, cobbled sections and tram tracks to be aware. It was my first lumpy run, but I quite liked it.

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Wouldn’t say the run is hilly. Bit of a drag but it’s no Wales.

Bike course was interesting, the ‘climb’ wasn’t really long enough to break up packs. on both laps I made time into the group through the 180 degree turn on a short hill before you head back to cascais from Lisbon. Road surface is very mixed, as Joe says, make sure your bottles are secure.

I’m probably going to enter as my back seems to be ok after my stupid little incident in Nice.

Maybe see you there! Is it a pro race for the full or the half?