The Ironman Training Thread 2023

I have the disc versions. You can’t go wrong with HED wheels. The specs are on the website. RC pro is tubeless compatible but I don’t want to put my foot in my so just shoot them an email or call.

As for comparison to zipp. I’ll take HED jets or vanquishes over any zipp wheel you send my way. A lot of wheels have tested faster than zipps but they have a reputation

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I really enjoyed reading that! 12hrs as a 1st is phenomenal. Those huge power spikes on the bike will always kill you on the run. I did the same mistake in IMWI one of the years when they were doing road construction and a detour route had a 1/4 mile 15-20% grade hill on it. I powered over it but quads started cramping in the run and other muscles followed.
Well done again, Ironman!

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Need the community to pester Jonathan into joint the roll call for Ironman Cozumel… :grin:


Alen, thanks. That power spike was the only one for the day and a considered effort to get up that hill. Total VO2 max and anaerobic time of less than a minute. My issue on the run was unrelated. I’m sure it caused a lot of people to cramp, but that was probably because they were under fuelled and other hard efforts they had done during the bike. I did the infamous 3 Peaks Challenge 4500VM and 235KM in 2019 and was way under fuelled and went way over the effort I should have been doing early on in the climbs. Of course I cramped and the day unravelled from there. Knowing what I know now, I would be tempted to go back and repeat the event. Even 4 years ago the focus was on 60-80g of carbs per hour, now it’s 90-120g. Pacing strategy which I discussed is an essential part of the event. Be realaistic, if not conservative, because you can alway go harder at the end of the event rather than lose minutes.

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He won’t join. Probably has no time for the forum other than what’s required for his job.

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Half ironman in the fall and Patagonman in December

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How did Chattanooga 70.3 go or did you postpone it?

Thinking about my post Ironman season, what to do July onwards, what have you all planned if anything?

I deferred into Memphis. Got too much other life stuff happening to scoot outta town. I’m also doing a cycling camp on Alps this summer that a friend puts on.

Random side note: does anyone have intel on when they will publish the extra Women For Tri spots for races on the second half of the calendar year? (nobody seems to be monitoring their WFT email or FB page anymore).

I’ve had HED fo many years - Bastognes, Jet 6’s/disc wheel and now some Vanquishers 6/8 for the new bike. Can’t say enough good things about them. Their hubs are smooth like butter.


Anyone in the UK planning to come in Europe? I’m desperate to find someone to re-post me a frame from continental EU. I’ve found a pretty good deal on a QR PRfour frameset, but taxes & shipment are bloody expensive. So the idea is to buy the frame, make it delivered to a kind fellow triathlete in the uk, and then re-post it from Europe to me or event better delivery in hand here in the south of France.
So if you’re racing Nice, Hambourg, Sables d’Olonnes… you could be my guy. Reward for the carrier of course

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I signed for a half marathon with friends and family in November. My foot is healed and my Achilles tendonitis has been under control. So working on my run and lifting and just doing whatever I feel like on the bike. Hopefully have time for tennis as well but swim is out for now. I hate swimming :joy:. Still doing 12-14 hours a week in my offseason though.

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My plan was to have Coeur d’Alene as my last race of the season and then just enjoy the summer, go hiking, ride for fun, etc. but now that my training has gone somewhat off the rails, I’m thinking of signing up for another race this summer just so I don’t finish my season on a low note if I DNF. Thinking maybe Ironman 70.3 Washington in September.


Is anyone else racing 70.3 Stafford?

Been a pretty rocky start to 2023 racing for me. Broken foot while out running in January was not the start I wanted.
Now next week will be my debut Pro race at IM 70.3 Stafford.
How will I go? Not too sure, won the event last year but it did not have a pro wave.
Think I should swim and bike a bit faster than last year. Not expecting miracles for the run.
Glad about the smaller field size. Though still some strong names.
Expecting to be a few minutes down out of the water. Hope the technical nature of the road at the start of the bike will let me pull back some time and break up any groups up the road.


Crash at IM Hamburg.

My understanding is that a moto has ridden head on into an AG biker coming the other way.

More on other social media, it’s looking tragic.

The age group athlete was me, in hospital with a broken back and lots of cuts/bruises. I
don’t really remember what happened but the video it looks like the Moto crossed the median into me.


For real?

Hope you have a Quick recovery.

Afraid so!

Sad to hear about the chap on the Moto who lost his life, triathlon just ain’t worth it, hope his family are okay


Holy crap!

Really sorry to hear that man. I hope you’re getting everything you need!

From the video he was driving down the wrong side of the road fully - not slightly. It’s hard to imagine how this happened, but I’d not want to speculate.

Glad you’re at least functioning well enough to post(!)