The Ironman Training 2021 Thread

Good luck and welcome.


Nice one Joe, I’m not sure that I’ll be doing any iron distance races next year. I guess it all depends on how my swimming goes. If it’s half the year before the locker room opens up at my pool, I’m just going to save the money and do a duathlon or pick some cycling/running races.

So right now for me, the only race I’ve got planned is EX2 Xterra Duathlon in July.

Doing the super slow build this time through, not going to rush the volume thing and just keep chipping away at it. Running mileage is back up to about 19 miles (30k) and my plantar fasciitis is definitely on its way out. My goal this year is to try and get my running back to where I’d like it, so I’ll probably see some weeks around 50k, maybe a 60k week or two in there, but once it gets hot that’s probably not going to happen. For the bike, I’m just trying to flatten out my power curve a bit, while still maintaining the same VO2, hopefully helping out my endurance ability.

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First 70.3 in Des Moines, IA this June, with a few sprint and Olympic Distance races scattered around the summer. I’m also hoping to throw in some bike racing if that happens this season.

I hurt the ligaments in my knee during a hard turkey trot, so i’m doing maintenance until my training plan restarts with base at the end of January. Currently eyeing a discounted felt TT bike and slowly working on my wife for permission to pull the trigger! She’s agreed to the spring for a purchase, so just trying to move that timeline up until February (assuming the bike isn’t bought by another by then!)


Perfect timing…I just started my trainerroad season yesterday with a 70.3 race in June and my A race being IM Canada in August. Not sure we’ll have racing in BC, Canada this year or not but August probably has the best chance.


so what is everyone doing or planning on doing if the pools are closed in your area.

For me they are still closed and the lakes don’t warm up until mid summer(June/July) here.

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In the U.K. the north have pools at the minute the south don’t but I expect that to change quite soon with the rest closing however with the vaccination programme and spring weather I am hopeful that we will see things getting back to some level of normalcy by March/ April time.


I’ve got a Half distance race in Jan, then 70.3 in March and December. It’s going to be a big year! 2020 was only a few half marathons so definitely have that nervous, am I underdone feeling!

I’ll know in 4 weeks

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Count me in for Ironman Copenhagen in August and 70.3 Eagleman in June as my prep race after 6 years off from triathlons (it was only supposed to be 5, but covid…)

Lucky for me, I had no idea what I was doing back in 2015 in my last race, so I already feel light years ahead of where I was then after spending the last year getting in some solid base/maintenance training while covid put everything on pause.


I am also doing IMC in August, also deferred from last year. Run is going to be fun! :upside_down_face: But at least we only climb the KVR in the first loop.


Our pools have re-opened for individual swims. You have to book online, and it’s hard to get a spot. Supposedly, our club swims are to begin again late January…though it’s hard to say whether that will actually happen.

We may suit-up with gloves and booties and neoprene vest and try some outdoor ocean swims :cold_face:

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Not sure, lakes here typically become warm enough some time in April, which would give me enough time to get my swim to where I need it to be. Pools are closed throughout Germany even though most had a well organized booking system implemented already. I just hope for the best, worst case I’ll be able to swim mid pack until September.

Welcome to the new thread everyone particularly @sthwaite @Titus @Ruliana we expect great things😉


I’m jealous of your life style, I’ve wanted to xc ski in winter for years, but little chance I’ll be moving out of suburban London for the forseeable.

I’ve done this a few times, lower volume and consistency could be your friend here.

Sweet. I know there are a lot of doubters but I’ve discussed the racing elsewhere with some genuine elites who recognise some of the other competitors and I’m now a believer in IMVR. I’m sure I’ll be racing IMVR again if they run it.

Post your questions here :slight_smile:
70.3 followed by a Sprint the next day, ouch. But then if you’re up for the AG WC I’m sure you can take it!

Personally I love Rogue Running out of Austin. They have a virtual option that runs through Final Surge and the plans are quality. Next season starts beginning of January so sign ups will be opening soon. It is geared towards pure runners so I just modify the schedule since I transitioned to tri.

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Same here! We’ll see if it actually happens though. Haven’t swam since March so hoping there will be an opportunity to put a lot of pool time in before.

Thanks @JoeX for starting an new thread.

My two races of 2020 were postponed:

  1. 70.3 Wisconsin in June became 70.3 Florida in December which became 70.3 Florida in March 2021 but I don’t have much hope for this one either.

  2. my first full IMMT was moved to August 2021. A bit more hope for this one.

Doing sustained power build LV until February at which time I will start the low volume full plan.

Got into a swim groove over the Fall until the pools closed again. They are suppose to open at the end of January so will see what happens then.

For the run I am following a general build plan from Palladino until May at which time I will start his FM training for IMMT if it is still happening.

Thanks @Scheherazade for organizing a group workout the other week.

If IMMT is cancelled I will train for a FM only late Fall 2021. Thats my plan so far.

Thanks to everyone for sharing their stories.


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So people that have no access to the pool is Vasa a viable option as a somewhat replacement?? I don’t have one but asking as I don’t enjoy going to the pool plus here like others it is hard to get any time.

Yes I know that limits me but I am one of the odd ducks that enjoy training indoor on the trainer/treadmill more than outside. Most of that is because summers in Atlanta are bloody hot and I prefer not to get up at 4-5am to run outside.

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I’m in Iowa City and have the luxury of scrambling to sign up for a slot at the University pool exactly 24 hr before the session! No complaints though as I can usually make it work. Are you in eastern Iowa as well? Central Or West? Out of state?

I’m in the Des Moines area so pools are open but I have high risk family and won’t be going anywhere near an indoor pool for a while. I could go open water, but have little interest in buying the necessary gear and actually using it.

Yeah, no thank you to lake swimming in the winter or spring

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