The Ironman Training 2021 Thread

Time for 2022 thread?! :stuck_out_tongue:

Signed up for Muskoka 70.3
First HIM here, a bit stressed. A lot of weight to lose. A lot of training ahead of me.


Not much new for me. I am just slowly building up my run length using kind of a BarryP method (only 4 runs per week) and all easy running. So far so good.

I also started swimming with my 14-year-old daughter. She’s on the high school swim team and is putting through a swim boot camp. She is so much fast than me!


IMFL is 11 months away. I discussed with my coach my goal of bagging a KQ there and he thinks that’s a reasonable goal given where I am. Still that’s a way off so we’ve mainly been focused on XC ski season. Though the snow has yet to fall that’s meant lots of roller skiing. Still getting in the pool twice a week with some bikes and runs as well. In the pool I’ve been working on a couple tweaks to my stroke particularly in my body rotation. I think I’m getting a bit faster for the effort but damn if I’m not finding new muscles in my back and core that are getting sore with these efforts. Also looking into getting a swim coach to do some video analysis. I’ve got a swimmer’s body and big aerobic engine. I should be able to crank out a sub 1hr IM swim.


Thanks @JoeX. My run trainning for Seville Marathon is doing great. It’s going to be my first marathon. Super excited. Right now I’m aiming for under 3h30, but let’s see how things go in the next few weeks.


Luckily, those two things tend to have an inverse relationship….go get it!! :sunglasses:


@JoeX I am out for quite a while. 4wks ago, I broke my femur (comminuted intertrochanteric fracture) I’m currently non-weight bearing on right leg for 2-3mo. Checkup looked good last week, but no weight bearing due to the nature of the break :man_shrugging: Not looking for pity or attention. Keep training, racing, and posting. I need reading material until I’m done healing :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Seriously, I’ve been to the end of the Internet several times already. Netflix can’t keep up w/me either :joy:


Hey @JoeX and all!

This might be the 21 thread but I’m already ankles deep in my 22 prep. Hired the coach who lifted my 70.3 game to prep for IM Copenhagen next year.

First block has been slowed down due to being sick for two weeks, but overall I’m happy with how things are going. On TrainNow I have somehow managed to carry near season best FTP to the start of base training. Good indicator that TN seems to deliver useful non-structured structure to my off-season and that spending huge amounts in my aero position limits my FTP growth. Seems to be one of the questions for next year - how to maximize race-relevant power.

Running has dropped off a cliff, but I really needed a break from all the hammering. I maintain 3-4 runs per week with very little intensity. Instead of intervals my coach has me doing hill reps. It’s awful, my legs haven’t hurt that much in ages.

In the water everything is awesome. For the first time since I took up tri I really enjoy swimming. I deliberately drop my fourth run or ride per week for a third swim and have built my weekly volume to nearly 9k, 10-12 being the target. I’m holding mid 1:30s on my 100 lcm repeats, so my goal of a sub 60 swim in an IM seems attainable. In fact I am having so much fun swimming that I finally might give in and join a few mates in February for the local swim clubs annual 100x100 challenge.


Wow, good luck with the recovery.

Finally feel like I am getting back on track,

pretty much painfree on running, going to stick to 3 very easy sessions until at least the new year and then going to stick in some intensity.


I know you didn’t ask for advice here, but if you are coming back from injury, I would recommend you add more easy runs vs intensity. Keep slowly adding volume for at least 3 months before introducing any intensity.


Easy month for me.
21,000 yards swimming
80 miles running
180 miles of cycling none outdoors.
2 hours of strenth work
I did sweet spot Low Volume 2
Norfolk Harbor Lights 1/2 marathon set a new PR 1:33 on a course with lots of turns, 2nd age group, 43rd overall
I decided to hire a coach for next season, I will start with him in January, but did start swimming with his team this morning.

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Hello everyone! Decided to join the tri gang and sign up for my first ever tri next year, jumping straight into 70.3. might regret it but not until after :sweat_smile:

Excited for the training ahead!


Welcome aboard. Regrets will come at mile 8 of the run and disappear once you see the chute.

Have you picked a race yet?


So true! :sweat_smile:

See if you can get a sprint or super sprint in before race day @IvoKrakic

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Thank you! I will be doing Ironman Musselmen.


@Power13 has a very valid point…

Volume first then intensity. Otherwise you risk reinjure…

Best of luck


Hope for a quick recovery!

I don’t read much now days… But there are several very long video games that might interest you…


Thanks for the tag. Definitely not been “Ironman training” since Placid, but still trying to keep up some semblance of fitness. I had grand ambitions to run a marathon in the fall, but the only one that lined up with family obligations and within driving distance was a course I just wasn’t into, so ended up doing a local half marathon instead. I actually ran well considering lack of hyper focused training (1:33:10). The focus of the fall was really helping my wife get back to a marathon the baby, so mostly just a bunch of easy running with her/ the stroller, and riding for fun. I did convert my old gravel bike into a single speed CX bike, and I finally “get” single speed riding off road. I really thought the hype was all for the gram, but once you start to figure out the conservation of momentum it’s really fun.

I am slowly starting to ramp back up some semblance of actual training, but with work travel coming back and an infant, I’m likely just going to “focus” on short course for the immediate future. Really looking forward to some of our favorite local races next year, and likely going to take a crack at Age Group Nationals.


Thanks for the roll call!

It’s been good news/bad news for me.

The bad news first. Still not recovered from an early August shoulder injury, so I have temporarily put a pause on swimming and have cut way back on running.

The good news is that more recovery and a focus on cycling means that I have seen pretty good gains on my last two ramp tests.

The lingering shoulder injury is lame, but I’m pretty happy to see some cycling gains!


Will do, looks like there are few on the calendar now :grin: