The fine line between bailout and bail out

I started trainerroad at the end of September 2020 and have since gone from a 189FTP to 232 as of two weeks ago.

Using a Kickr 2020 in Erg mode paired with a power meter in the correct gearing.

In the beginning months I didn’t fail any workouts, they were hard but doable (Crit Plan). When I bumped up to 218 after SSBMVII & SSBMVII, I failed a threshold workout. I switched to SSBLV (40kTT) instead of building because there aren’t any races, and at 230FTP I failed 2 threshold workouts and now at 232FTP I’m finding that same pattern. I just learned about the whole backpedaling thing to at least keep as much time as I can in the zones, but with Palisade going between 220@1min & 243@2min, I just barely make it to the last ramp up before my legs give in and cadence slows to a halt.

I’m starting to realize I’m pretty good at smashing all the Vo2max work, sprints and can test well, but threshold just seems to eat me alive and kill my motivation and brings about doubt. Sleeping well, eating healthy, fueling my rides with tons of carbs.

Should I bring my FTP down or just change my intensity on threshold workouts and keep it all the same for VO2? Feeling uninspired here. Not sure how far down to bring down the intensity if that’s the case. Any wisdom is welcome.

P.s. I can do SS just fine, just not threshold.

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try reducing your next threshold workout by 2% and see if that makes a noticeable improvement.

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If VO2 is easy and threshold is hard, you might be overachieving on ramp tests. I agree with Cory about lowering FTP but bump up the intensity in VO2 workouts as necessary. But if you are somewhat new to cycling you might just not be used to drilling it at threshold. Its tough.

Those are some nice gains. It can also take a while for your mind to adjust to the new RPE. Just think, threshold intervals now are around the same power you’d do for VO2max intervals back in the fall!

Also, O/U workouts are tough, but I have come to enjoy them. I think there might be something wrong with me. When you hit the under you just have to keep pushing and that relief / recovery of being under threshold should come, it just takes a while and comes on slow. I don’t normally do mantras or things like that, but during the under of an O/U, I just remind myself that my body wants to stop, but I don’t have to. I can choose to, but I don’t have to.

Of course, if you over test on the ramp test, it might be more of an over / over workout for you. :sweat_smile: It might be worthwhile to compare a 20min test against the ramp test to assess your relative strengths. The main problem with 20min is pacing it. I try to even-split my 20min test and its hard to walk that tightrope.

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