The fastest road bike in the world

Blanketing the field authoritatively with BS does not equate to “knowing his stuff”. He finds inconsequential issues and conflates them into major engineering / QC concerns. It is good for clicks.

He is a huckster….not to mention a misogynist.


So your point is that a bike/kit which is faster doesn’t matter to most people if they’re not racing? And if they’re racing, if it’s not very high level, still doesn’t matter?

Ridiculous point. All brands keep making better, faster, lighter bikes for everyone for the basic reason that it matters for everyone. It matters for them to be faster, it matters for them to have the best bike possible for whatever money they’re willing to spend.

You should also get acquainted with the Tour Mag protocol as it literally tests the bikes using the same protocol: same runs on the same tunnel, same kit, same dummy, etc.
As for the rest, and to do the reverse Ray Wolfinger, the plural of anecdote isn’t data.

He’s also been repeatedly requested/challenged re his alleged wind tunnel test and he never substantiated any of it. Not even pictures or vids of the wheels in the tunnel. The whole thing stinks.


Don’t think you comprehended. Even if it matters to people who don’t race and you still want the most aero bike / frame

Different person with a different kit interacts with a bike different enough that a wind tunnel test doesn’t mean any person with any body time will be faster on a certain frame that tested the fastest.

The difference between modern bikes right now are microscopic. If you think there’s enough difference between dropped seat stays of 2 different brand of bikes for example, then don’t you think someone with a little different calf / leg shape can change the flow enough to influence the aero test done in a wind tunnel? Aerodynamics don’t exist in a vacuum. Anything you put on that bike will yield a different test result.

Who cares? He’s still a buffoon who has proven that he can’t be trusted.


There really is no evidence of that.


I comprehended just fine. Thing is you’re advocating for not believing almost everyone and disregarding everything else without any evidence.
Difference between the fastest bike tested and a few other brands’ flagships can be nearly 30W. This alone renders your justification invalid.

You’re essentially advocating for ignorance over science because of a sort of cycling nihilism. It’s just a terrible take.

So their data is with a rider? Or dummy? That’s great to hear.



This is comedy.

As far as I know, we have RennRad and Tour magazine actually wind tunnel testing road bikes. Both seem like good attempts at a sensible protocol. Tour’s test including a dummy with moving legs.

How is this not superior to any brand just claiming some sort of unverified improvement?

This is the best we’ve got. Is it perfect. No.

I’m happy we’ve got some actual testing.

If I was in the market for an aero bike (I’m not), I’d definitely consider the Simplon. Personally, I don’t care about totally trivial issues like the name etc. I just care about performance. I’d black out the brand name anyway. I’m ashamed to admit I like black chunky aero bikes. I know, I’m not proud of it. Do I think I’m Batman? I’m basically a child…

I do a fair amount of training. Just throwing away potential watt savings for aesthetics etc, kinda doesn’t sit well with me. Would I train another 5 hours a week to make up for my illogical bike choice. Not likely.

Then again, would I ride an inflatable duck if it was faster? Probably not…

A man has his limits :grin:

It’s a bit like computers, to me. Just buy the fastest you can afford. Interestingly, in this case it’s a brand very few of us have even heard of. Personally, I think that’s cool.


Yes but you haven’t seen me yet chosing case for PC :wink:

Ja! Natürlich. Mit ze moving legs.



That looks really good! I was thinking back when tri bikes were tested with “bike only” (or maybe that’s still a thing?) and it’s like…how about with a person on it? Seems like managing the airflow around the rider would be part of the key to the fastest bike. Cool, thanks!


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Rim brake??!

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