Road bike aero improvements: a break down at normal speeds

From Jean-Paul Ballard of Swiss Side.

Red numbers at 45km/h. Blue numbers at 35km/h.

The frame made a bigger difference than I would have guessed.


The full video:

Some of the numbers explained. Potentially much more watts in the wheels, as well as bent arms in the drops.


Great video. I’m surprised that it has only been viewed 9k times.

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That is not a very good bike fit…arms are WAY too straight in the drops, which are horrific in terms of CdA. The bike is probably not the right size for him.

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I’d like to see a breakdown of an integrated bar vs. standard bar on an aero frame.


Money spent is exponential to watts saved. :smirk:


Cool. I’d love to see another level which is comparison of the aero road bike with a TT bike.
Same clothes, different position/frame.

Need to watch the full video, but 8W/4W for shaving legs? Really? How much fur did he have?

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:rofl: :rofl:

He must be 8+ on the Chewbacca Scale, for sure. What he said was he let his leg hair grow out over an extended period of time. After taking the baseline data he left all his kit on & shaved his exposed legs right there at the wind tunnel.

So he must have had the most pronounced set of hamster pants ever.


The Specialized guys mentioned similar large gains for shaved legs.

I’m most surprised by the aero frame gains, it’s even more than dropping the position a couple of inches? As Bikedesign1 says, I wonder how much of that is in the handlebars.


I wonder how much the cleaned up cable and cockpit helps too

Only 12w / 6w for changing to a TT lid? Seems pretty low.

That switch from aero bars to the aero forearm troughs seems legit. More aero, more comfort more control, less muscle activation. Seems like something you could do in carbon without too much hassle.

I recall seeing another video on something like this with not so similarly awesome results, especially when it comes to the frame. Will dig around and post it later.

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