The end of Mavic

Mavic in receivership.

Maybe this will be a chance to pick up some good wheels on the cheap?

They’re out of business because their wheels were no good (and not cheap).

Now they might be cheap but they’re still no good.

They’ll still have the same (nonexistent) warranty…

Avoid! (And from a business perspective, the management and companies involved are horrendous. Don’t give them a cent.)



sacre bleu!


Just wondering if I can get your opinion on Mavic wheels? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This is a bummer, Mavic is one of those brands I lusted after as a kid. The Open Pro UST’s I built up for my 'cross bike have been fantastic, I’ll have to order another pair while I still can.

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Yup. Ugly kits, ugly shoes, behind the times wheels. Bye bye Mavic :wave:

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Didn’t The same company that owns Mavic buy Enve?

I got the Merino wool arm- and leg warmers from Mavic… they’re pretty neat :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ve had 2 pairs of Mavic wheels that were excellent. I also have their rain jacket (probably designed and made by someone else) that is also fantastic.

It’s going to be a real shame if they go under. Really don’t want their engineers to lose their jobs.


Doesn’t Mavic own Enve?

The French government should offer the employees a subsidized loan to buy the company themselves!

Amer Sports owns Enve.

Last year Amer sold off Mavic to a private equity firm.


Some harsh words here omg :crazy_face: I love my open pros. Just saying!

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This is a shame, any large company going out of business in the current climate means redundancies and people losing their income which is no-bueno, regardless of how you view their products.

I owe Mavic my life - their helmet saved my head from splitting like a watermelon in my recent RTA so although I can’t comment on their wheels, the lid did its job and then some :+1: :+1:


Bit classless.
Hopefully people don’t dance on your grave one day if you ever find yourself in trouble.


I agree and this is completely unfair. Mavic is one of the most innovative engineering companies, that actually comes up with interesting and sometimes controversial designs.

One, was their set of wheels, where to reduce the drag, they’ve decided to cover a gap between the rim and the tyre by using a special tape. It worked so well, that UCI banned it.

The are also one of few companies in the industry that doesn’t spend as much on marketing BS that ends up absolutely and utterly useless, like for instance, putting dimples on their rims.


Open Pros are/were a great, build-able rim. Lots of their other offerings weren’t quite as robust.

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Wasn’t Mavic also the first company do (unsuccessfully) develop electronic shifting

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