The dark side of cycling and TrainerRoad that nobody wants to talk about

Clickbait with the title I know, but I thought it was funny. $370 on groceries today. This will last around 3 weeks. No alcohol and I live alone. The downside of training (and subsequently eating) so much. As a single male I spend around $600/mo on groceries. What are you guys spending every month?


I buy alcohol intermittently and also pet food. Probably $400/mo average

I’m not one of the guys :grinning: and I live with my 83 year old mum who eats like a little bird: 1000/month on groceries… I live in SF and buy groceries using my bike or by foot so I do save on car costs… The grocery budget DOESNT include all the supplements and fuels such as Tailwind and Skratch….


Don’t know for US but here in EU grocery price is rising A LOT…


Family of 4. Easily 800-1000 per month. Maybe order pizza or Chinese once every other month. Never eat out for lunch or coffee.


$80-100/week, but that includes protein powder and bars. Good thing I don’t drink!

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I spend about $100 a week on food just for myself, that’s with everything supplements etc.The real game changer is using sugar/ Gatorade water for most intense rides. No need to buy expensive gels. I do use clif bars for endurance rides but that’s about it.


In August I spent $1,080 at grocery stores

That includes most of my meals - I probably ate out 2-3 meals in that month, but none of my on bike sugar or recovery - which is relatively cheap.

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Family of 5, Germany, ~700-900 €/month. I shop cheap at Aldi (or similar). Lots of fresh veggies and fruits (major cost factor). We don’t eat a lot of meat which got really expensive recently. We don’t go out for dinner. Kids and myself have lunch at home, no work/school cantine. My extra calories are covered with cheap carbs. At 15-20h/week I have to eat a lot. I purchase bulk maltodextrin cheap.


I don’t know how much we spend a month but $5 Costco chickens are a cheap week long protein. That’s one dinner for 2 and 5 days of protein on my lunch salad.


Family of 3 (toddler, prego wife and I). I budget for $1000 a month. We eat out once every other month.

We could probably do it cheaper but I like doing having wild caught fish weekly and I’m willing to splurge on fresh berries and other ‘more expensive’ fruit options

And as related to last weeks podcast, I’ve started to be more willing to spend extra for pre-cut and partially prepared things since time is a main limiter with soon to be two little ones around

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This is an unusual diet for training. How is working out?


Haha, you’re right! Looks like they spent $50 on butter, no judgement, but slightly unusual training diet


He crashes a lot, but his hair is sooooo glossy. :grin:


I started making rice cakes to eat on everything but races and race-y rides; gels were getting way too expensive. Even a 2 or 3 hour ride is £4.50 in gels.


IDK… My wife is the one usually getting groceries. She goes to a few places… Probably around 150 weekly… Family of 4 with 2 kids…lots of snacks

My store rarely has Kerrygold in stock, so I bought a bunch to freeze.


He meant the poster who lives of alcohol and pet food…


I’ve never really tracked it but looking at last month I’m spending $200 on groceries but that’s matched by what I spent last month on cafes/pubs/meals out :neutral_face:

PS that USD figure is going down as the UKPound goes down too :frowning:

I was baking bread for a while. I need to get back to it. Takes a bit of time, but it’s easy and would make for good bike-travel food. Gels are getting too pricey.