The Bike Fitting Mega-Thread

Thank you for the guidance. It makes me feel like I’m not entirely crazy. lol

There is a a fitter on Facebook I follow who often posts about hood angle being one of the biggest issues he sees. He often shows the measurement degree angle for the hood adjustments he does so I started doing that to get a sense of where I’m comfortable.

So I definitely have some things to test.

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  • Agreed. That and inward roll often get overlooked. I’ve seen more than a few setups where the hoods are not symmetrical in one or more direction.

  • This even branches into MTB setup. You’d be shocked how many people don’t realize the bars have Back & Up sweep… that really change feel as you roll the bar forward/backward. That and then actual brake/shift/dropper lever angles are akin to hood alignment for drop bars.

  • I’ve had customers say the few changes I made to the bars be the most rewarding and beneficial change I made in the course of a full fit. That one contact point is HUGE and not considered as important as it should be by far too many people.


For me, anything front end is usually pretty important and noticeable. Backend I’m generally lucky as no major saddle issues but I seem to notice subtle changes on the front end.

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Label me as a dummy for not realizing this thing existed. I bought a 12 degree specialized comp multi stem as I wanted to try a stem with a higher rise. I clearly didn’t read the description thoroughly or I would have realized it has shims which allow changing degree rise to 8,10,12,14,16 which is perfect for testing multiple options. Granted going from 8 to 16 rise without adjusting stem length may be a stretch or maybe not. It’s a nice stem to have.

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I love the Specialized stems like that. Great for minor to major changes in angle. Really worth the price for the adjustment range.

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Their website has them on sale for $36 before shipping. So pretty good deal and like you said, good for some minor adjustments.

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Just wanted to let you know that lowering the saddle really helped. Now at around 39 degree for the knee angle. And it improved a lot :smiley:. Thanks :+1:


Hi chaps,

I’m looking at trying to improve my pelvic posture - I think the posterior pelvic tilt/flexing of lower back could be contributing to my neverending knee troubles.

I notice now after starting a desk job and after studying so much, I have a more pronounced bend in my lower back.

What can I do to try and reduce this? I’ve lowered the saddle slightly and moved it back about a centimetre to try and recruit more posterior chain and aid the ability to roll forward.

Thanks for sharing!

Hi all,
Hoping someone might be able to offer some advice on my fit.

Overall, I feel relatively comfortable on the bike at low/moderate intensity levels. However, for harder efforts (anything from 100% FTP upwards), I struggle with significant quad burn. At higher intensities, it feels like my quads are doing all of the work and are the main limiter with regards to how hard I can ride.

Measurements are:
-Inseam: 840mm
-Saddle Height (pedal to top of saddle): 895mm
-Crank Length: 172.5mm

Conventional wisdom seems to suggest that quad burn can be alleviated by moving the saddle back which should engage the glutes/hamstrings more. However, I already feel that I am sitting quite far back so I am unsure of what to do.

Any advice would be much appreciated, thanks