The Bell curve of cylists - how fast are the average TR users?

Awesome improvement!

Thanks. I plan to incorporate some strength training starting in November and I am doing a professional performance diagnostics with the team that works with Patrick Lange. Not that I need this but as a data nerd and curious person, why not. My real numbers are better than this, I never particular did all out attempts.

Another option would be to join do my first build phase in the year, due to various reasons I only did base and solo outdoor rides, but I guess strength training with a coach is the better way. All in all I am pretty time crunched, because I work full time (software engineer) and go to university full time (after work till 10pm and whole Saturday).

Good question. I feel if you’re around 3.5 w/kg in Colorado cat 4 you’ll be in the mix in the pointy end of crits/road races and cross.

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Hmmm…maybe my FTP is really set too low…

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TrainerRoad needs to buy pronto before Strava (or a more direct competitor) beats them to it. No offense, TR, but they seriously have the best cycling/tri analytics available. For free.


Just realized @davidtinker IS Nice work!

@Nate_Pearson – Make him an offer! :wink:

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Also found this really interesting on cycling analytics:
I don‘t think they have updated this post in years, however, it gives a good idea of where non-pro male and female cyclists are power wise.

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It looks like your 1hr power is higher than your 20m power and not much below your 5 min power. Am I missing something, or what is going on?

It is only the chart scaling. And yes my 20 min is the same as 30 min and close to 1h only because I have never done all out 20 min effott. It is always long over 30 min. My 5 power is a little bit higher but my FTP 83% of my VO2 max so these are fairly close.

I have never done any racing and this is my first year of riding a bike so all the values are from training or FTP tests.

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Lol. So you just picked up cycling a year ago and you are now a 4.5 w/kg?..Is this common?

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Could have been an athlete in a different sport before cycling.

I do not know if it’s common. I went from the couch (and I am really off the couch - close to two decades of no activity and desk job). Started with 3.0 w/kg at first FTP test. As a kid I was pretty fit and loved sport but then life happened. Now I am close to the midlife crisis so I wanted to get fit and this happened. The results are from Assioma Duo alwaych checked with the trainer power (so double check).


I think TR should post a watt/kg bell curve or provide you with what your % is. I listen to the podcast and hear about the unbelievable 5 watt/kg tier. I also hear them tell people that they are fast at watt/kg well below that. I just don’t have a good feel for what is average and or a good benchmark to measure myself against. I know TR is all about making you faster but it would be helpful for me to set goals for myself based on other mortals. Seems like watt/kg would be the best universal measurement. I would also trust it more coming from real TR data from real users. Would anyone else find this helpful?

can we get this same graph for watt/kg? Even better if had a drop down for age groups.

@RichSchaefer, like these?


The only real comparision is power at different times so 1sec, 1 min, 5 min etc. W/kg do not tell anything about rider profile (take for example track sprinter or cyclocross racer) and as a value it is only useful if you ride in a very hilly environment with many long climbes.

And you can always use that have this comparision on some bigger samples of riders.


Bigger? Are you sure about that? I just checked and has 9017 male athletes, 3222 in their 30s and 1711 in my 35-39 age group. While I approve of the implied Dragonball Z meme from that first number, I’d be surprised if TR didn’t have more samples.

Not biger in comparision to TR but bigger than anecdotal samples from friends. Sorry for my lack of precision.


God bless TR’s sweet-spot work and long Z2 rides (which TR doesn’t emphasize much, but should). In July, I was right around the 1st percentile for all durations past 1 minute.

Still 99kg and 212W FTP. But while a little running/swimming reduced my bike time, six months of 1 or 2 “sweet-spot progression” workouts and one two-hour Zone 2 ride each week have gotten me well on the way to that 5th percentile:

I should hit the 5th percentile across all time intervals pretty easily next year, and getting up to 8th percentile or so looks achievable as a stretch goal. A bunch of you have helped teach me how to do this… many thanks. :+1:t2:


At 94kg and ~2w/kg I have a pretty messed up chart - but I am new to cycling (2 years - 99.9% of it on an indoor trainer) - At least I am slowly losing weight :slight_smile: I did manage a couple of recent form sprints in Fletcher this week where I surpassed 200 RPM so the legs can move fast enough - they just don’t have the power or stamina (yet).