Thank you TR! Hit 500 workouts today!

Noticed I hit this milestone today. Have really enjoyed being apart of this ever-expanding and improving community. Much gratitude! Thanks for helping me get faster!

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Curious about the stats for other folks here. Post then here!

Hi, where can you see the number of tr workouts stat? Thanks and well done on hitting 500, great achievement. :+1:

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537 for me. great job!

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1404 for me

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Under Career and Past Rides.

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Wow! over what time frame? Lots of high volume? My 500 is over a little less than 5 years, so only ~2 indoor rides a week on average. But excluding breaks from training I would say I average ~3 indoor workouts a week.


511 in 2 years

I’ve a bit of catching up to do.

Since 2017-08-07.

Wow there are some serious numbers on here…

Mine are pretty low by comparison… And can’t remember when I joined… :grin:

Started cycling in April 2017 after I turned 40. Picked up TrainerRoad in July 2018. MV plans 2018-2020 and HV plans for 2021 season.

217 here, I’ve been using Trainer Road steadily since late 2018, but with many multi-month breaks due to other hobbies/off-season/outside riding.


Probably a stupid question but how do you tell what your start day was? :thinking: