Terrible Hills with Bs

We have a local Bad Idea Route, Terrible Hills Involving the Letter B, that features 10,700 ft of climbing over 103 miles. With summer races all cancelled during my very first Year of Biking (I am a reformed runner), I decided to take on this beast. I started the year as a bad climber with no sense of pacing and at 2.4 W/kg. Consistent training through TrainerRoad brought me up to 2.9 W/kg as of my last Ramp Test June 2.

I broke the route into three rides:

  • Far East: 27.5 mi, 2,838’ gain
  • Near East: 38.3 mi, 4,056’ gain
  • West: 47.5 mi, 5,334’ gain

Yesterday, I finished my adventure with Terrible B’s-West. It was like a TR workout from hell with four efforts, each 23-36 minutes, all at high sweetspot to threshold for me.

These rides were some of the hardest things I’ve ever done, and I wanted to thank TR and the TR community (and my awesome husband, who kept telling me I could, in fact, do this) for helping me get through. And I wanted to brag a little. Cheers!


The next logical step is to do all three on the same day :grin::muscle:

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I’m also the one who sliced the local chestnut Terrible hills involving B into three parts. It was originally two, but 60 miles with 6200’ climbing, with a lot of that 8-12% grade, is a bit much for a casual side project.

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