Technogym Ride / new smart bike

Technogym Ride: best smart bike for home and indoor cycling workouts

This looks promising !

Any toughts about this new smart bike ?

Expensive, but looks a solid one.

Edited to add functional product link (top one is broken for me), and quick access to DCR Review:

So…VERY expensive, not a single mention of 'their power measuring kit on the glossy website and certainly no reference to accuracy of any power measurement system, even in the specs page. No mention of erg mode and the screenshot of available apps is basically entertainment. No mention of integration with things like Zwift.

This just looks like a very expensive entertainment system to me and without further information, an expensive waste of time unless you just want to pedal indoors while you watch YT.


They do mention it - “Choose from Rouvy, Zwift, Training Peaks, Strava, Netflix, Eurosport and lots more.”

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If it’s anything like their Myrun treadmill and Technogym Live app then it will be a winner. Would be tempted, particularly if the price comes down a bit.

looks pretty, but the price is insane. I also took a look for power data, measurements etc… and given they don’t mention this on the website then i assume we’re not their target market…

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So the screen looks great but that’s a big ask when the other smart bikes are $1500 or more cheaper. And a bit more reputable in the cycling world.

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Adding to the old topic to include the DC Rainmaker review that was just released.