TACX T2900 Flux - Power Match - Garmin Vector 3 - Erg not working

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So, long story short, I have a TACX T2900 Flux and duel Vector 3s, unfortunately it would appear there are some issues with Power Match.
The trainer is new with latest firmware installed and I’ve only used it 3 times but it would seem that Erg mode just does not work with power match or at best work intermediately.
So by way of example, during Palisade I was having to adjust cadence and gearing throughout the workout to hit the power numbers and felt no real change in resistance throughout.
During the last interval I felt a real change in resistance and the trainer appeared to do it’s thing, link to workout:


Perhaps its confirmation bias but to my eyes you can see the difference especially in the ramp up.

Today was pettit and a similar story.
I had power match on until about 12 minutes in at which point i paused the work out went into settings and disabled power match which appeared to solve the issue and the trainer worked as expected. Link to work out:

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I suspect it’s a TR issue but I’m not sure - if anyone is able to help it would be much appreciated!!!

Thanks in advance.

I would contact support@trainerroad.com if you haven’t already done so.

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Thanks Chad, will do!

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