Tacx Resistance lever snapped

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I’ve raised a support ticket but wondered if the community had a hack to make my dumb trainer. Tacx Boost, more useable in the mean time?

The Tacx Boost has a plastic lever which adjusts the resistance levels from 1-10, so naturally when I started SSB 1 six weeks ago it snapped and stuck at 10. This wasn’t such a problem for training, but it’s too awkward for the RAMP test I did yesterday.

I usually have it set to 6 or 7 and change gears to navigate a workout. It’s really stiff, and I can’t get a good enough grip with pliers to shift it.

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Have you looked at getting a replacement part from Tacx?

I’m waiting for support at Tacx to respond, they have sent me free replacement part in the past but I’d like to bodge something now so i can test properly.

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Put a screwdriver in the gap, press it against the stub of the lever and hit it with a hammer. Watch your fingers.

Seriously that is how I moved mine when they both broke.

A clamp helps keep it in position


There is a hack online to disassemble the mechanism (at the trainer end) and cut the spring a bit to make the lever easier to move. I did that on my Tacx dumb trainer after the resistance lever snapped. Now I can move it using pliers, so I set it to 4 and left it. You can buy the levers online at places like wiggle, but they are >£10, and given the trainer isn’t worth very much, I just used the pliers when I’m off the bike and my gears when I’m on it!

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