Tacx neo with different groupsets (shimano & campagnolo)

Hi all

I would really like to take advantage of the great deals on used Tacx neo trainers right now. The tricky thing is cassette compatibility. While both husband & I have 11-speeds, his is Campagnolo & mine Shimano.

This article from the Tacx FAQ makes it sound like that both our bikes should work using a shimano or SRAM cassette. Husband doesn’t believe this.

Does anyone out there have any experience with this?


Per Camp/Shimano mixing:

Those differences are far less noticeable for 11-speed groupsets. Indeed, it is now possible to mix and match 11-speed chains and cassettes from all three manufacturers with satisfactory results in most instances. Fussy riders and mechanics may notice a difference in the shift quality and/or some extra noise, however both are relatively subtle.


Thanks for this @mcneese.chad. Although, one could argue that anyone riding on campagnolo is essentially a ‘fussy rider or bike mechanic’! :sweat_smile:


LOL, that is a given with Campy :stuck_out_tongue: