Will any of these groups fit on my wheels?

Hey all I need the help of someone smarter than me when it comes to hub/cassette compatIbility.

All this mountain bike talk has got me excited and I would like to get out and give it a go.

I have a 2012 Rockhopper linked here for specs. It currently has a 3x9 shimano drivetrain.

I would like to change it to a 1x10 or even better possibly a 1x11 as I have enjoyed a 1x setup on my TT bike off an on.

SO my question is can I do that with any of the following?

I am confident that this will fit my current wheelset. SunRace 10s Group

I would prefer to go 11 speed if possible without getting new wheels.

would this Sunrace 11s Group or this Box Two 11s groupset work on my current wheel set?

Any input would be appreciated.

Shimano and sram 9/10/11 speed cassettes are all interchangeable so you should be fine with any of those.

Bare in mind that you might want to upgrade your chainrings and chain to match the “speeds” of whichever cassette you choose

The 10/11 sp cassette should slot on no problem, the 9 speed could have a spacer that slides off (road wheels do, not sure about mtb)

You’ll need to change the bottom bracket to match what ever crankset you use in front to go 1 x

Obviously 11 speed chain too.

One thing to bear in mind my mechanic mentioned, 1x setups are aimed mostly at 29ers so your overall gearing will be lower on smaller wheels

I would’ve thought the OP could use some aftermarket 11spd chainrings on his exisiting crank. Saves buying new cranks and bb.

In what way are 1x setups aimed at 29ers? And the small difference in gearing between wheels sizes isn’t an issue for the OP since his wheel size remains the same

Fair point, I just made the assumption you’d be changing cranks.

Gearing issue is minor, just taking into account the rolling diameter of a 26" vs 29" wheel


I already ordered a narrow wide chainring that will work with either the 10 or 11s whichever I decide to go with which will fit on my existing crank. Whichever group set I order comes with a shifter, cassette and new chain for the given speed.

I took off the old 9 speed cassette yesterday and there was no spacer behind it.

I know when I updated my roadie that shimano 9/10 speed are compatible on the same hub, but when they switched to 11 you had to get a new hub and was just trying to see if anybody had some experience with this in the MTB world as I am a complete newb to MTB.

As far as gearing I am not worried. With a 30t chainring and a 42t cassette I have essentially the same low gear as on the 24 front 34 rear currently on there.