Tacx Neo 3M Smart Trainer (2023) released

Pricing and non-integrated Network Capabilities make it a tough buy compared to the Kickr Move.



Garmin totally oblivious to the current state of the trainer market. They should have scrapped or seriously revamped this project before it ever came close to introduction.


It’s a bit of a meh upgrade, isn’t it? Not great that they’ve not sent @GPLama a review unit either.

Have they brought in Rizer or Climb compatibility?


Appreciate Shane’s honesty here. I’ve been thinking about buying an integrated trainer bike, so when I saw this announcement, I thought it was perfect timing…and then I saw that there’s pretty much nothing new. What a huge disappointment, especially at that price.


There’s never going to be Wahoo integration. I think that’s a given.

Compatibility and integration are different.

Choose whatever word you want. IMO, it’s never going to happen.


Laughably overpriced.


I’ve no idea whether they would or wouldn’t but why when the other two big players have it do you think Garmin wouldn’t want their own version on their flagship unit unless it’s not an add-on that’s selling well?

Is there really much further to go with Smart trainer market? What could they do that they currently dont already?

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I own a 2T.

But 2000 as a price? For (in my opinion) not very much new stuff involved? At the current market? Good luck Garmin with your sales. No one with a current Neo is gonna sell his to upgrade towards this one I guess? And any new riders will for sure choose the Hub or Kickr V6 if they see this price.


Definitely. I own a 2T as well that I bought during sales a year ago. I bought the neo motion plates during the black friday recently, so the 3M doesn’t have anything exciting. Especially at that price tag.

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Looks like it based on what I see in the DesFit hands-on review.

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Off the top of my head, but more may be present in the Neo wish list topic elsewhere here.

  • Multiple Blue channel support (Wahoo and others?)

    • ETA: 2x Bluetooth channels per Ray’s vid just now.
  • Proper disc caliper clearance (not sure if they did this yet or not, but most othwr trainers have no problem).

  • 10hz broadcast for race mode (like Wahoo, Hub, Justo).

    • ETA: coming via firmware update per Ray & Des.
  • Heart rate monitor pass-thru (like Hub & Justo?).

  • WiFi support (like Kickr).

    • ETA: WiFi is part of the dongle $129 USD add-on purchase.
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Des and Ray’s videos weren’t out when I was on YouTube this morning. Are you saying it works with the Kickr Climb? If so, call me shocked, and I will gladly stand corrected!

Nope…at least spec-wise. You now need to reinvent the overall experience. And even then, the ceiling is still lower than it was 2-3 years ago.

Even taking units such as KICKR Core out of the equation, why would you spend +$400 more for this unit vs. KICKR Move?

$2k for this unit is just a complete joke. The discounts will start almost immediately.


And we haven’t even mentioned the absurdity of including an 11 spd Shimano cassette with the unit.

More dumbness.


My 2T SE cost £699 over 18 months ago. £1300 for floor slidey bits upgrade :smiley:


I didn’t pick it up in Desfit’s video but @dcrainmaker refers to Rizer compatibility in his written review.

“And while Tacx lacks their own device to move the bike up and down, you can pair it with the Elite RIZER just fine (albeit not moving forward/back), as the NEO 3M is designed with a moving axle.”