TACX NEO 3 refresh?

Anyone know if the Neo is getting a refresh in this pre-winter trainer update cycle we are currently in?

Thanks in advance.

Know? No. But I would expect an announcement any time now. Neo 2T was 2019 iirc. So, overdue for a refresh, same for the Neo bike. Add on the fact that Wahoo announced their refresh a few weeks back and is already shipping the Kickr6 and Kickr Bike 2, I think it’s safe to bet that an announcement is coming very soon.

edit: DCRainmaker probably “knows” but is embargoed :smile:

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Here Tacx Neo 2t price dropped from 1,890,000 won to 1,290,000 won. 32% drop… aaaaaaaaand I ordered one right now :innocent: So long! My beloved Elite Volano. Yes, definitely something is coming.

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I know as well but…as said it’s embargoed! :smiley:

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I am guessing the date the embargo ends is also embargoed?
Would be interesting to see what they do. Currently running a Kickr V4 and the recent updates over the past 4 years were super unspectacular (Axis Feet (which can be retrofitted), No Spin Down, .5% higher Pm accuracy, easy ramp, and Wi-Fi connection (that’s probably the best of the bunch)).
I like that Tacx has a little more movement in the trainer, to make longer rides or rides on the TT bike a little less awful.
I however don’t expect huge leaps. I haven’t seen any revolutionary feature on any device in the past years, that would really warrant buying a new Smart Trainer.

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Whenever they announce, I hope it’s sooner than later! Also, hope that product is ready to ship ASAP.

While my OG Neo has been excellent, I’ve been waiting forever for this upgrade cycle, specifically
interested in a Neo bike update/refresh.

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I’ve got an OG Neo. I know the 2 added left/right power and cadence and fixed some of the frame interference issues (and added blue highlights) and the 2T fixed sprinting problems for people with legs as big as my waist, but really, what more do you want?

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Functional clearance for disc brakes for some people. Tacx has hacked a spacer that helps with some of the caliper interference issue, but it doesn’t fix them all.

And that trainer center section interferes with some narrow chainstay TT/Tri (Felt) bikes I’ve tried on it.

Proper coating on the exposed aluminum parts to resist corrosion would be good. And fixing the frame cracking seen on more than a few is worth a look too.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice trainer series, but it’s far from perfect.

ETA, more BLE connections would be good for some users, as would an actual carry handle to make it easier to moving when folded.


I see the Neo 2T Smart is on sale everywhere right now. Was about to buy as an upgrade to my Kickr v4, but read about the disc brake interference issues and seeing as how all my brakes have disc brakes, I’m waiting for the Neo 3 to drop.

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I was sad to discover that my 2022 Cervelo R5 with disc brakes didn’t fit onto the Tacx Neo 2T, even with the special 5mm spacer installed. So yes, I’d upgrade to a new generation Tacx Neo that simply fit my road bike out of the box.

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Resurecting this thread to avoid starting another one.

It seems my current trainer (Direto) has pretty much finally died so I’m looking at a replacement and recomendations.

Usage will be with an MTB, 6 days per week, in a garage so large temp variation, noise isn’t a big issue, not concern about road feel, currently have a rocker but notice some now have flexible feet. Not concerned about back-foward movement. Main point is is must “just work”

Budget is “flexible” but around £6-700, will pay more if there is a significant advantage. (is there any significant advantage for the Tacx Neo2T over the Kickr Core?)

I don’t know about the “advantages” but I bought a Neo2T on sale from Wiggle for about £700 over a year ago and its been faultless and a joy to use :slight_smile:

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MTB? I’d have a search on the make/model. I seem to recall some people having problems with disk brake calipers and Neo trainers.

Crazy thing is that it’s now November 2023 and we still haven’t seen the Tacx Neo 3…but the 2T has (again) gone on sale, $500 off. Maybe they just had a ton of old stock are are waiting to clear that out before launching? IDK but I am so sick of my Kickr it’s tempting to get the 2T but I’ve been saying that for over a year now.

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I saw some rumors coming out that a new one was coming soon. I suspect this latest sale is a push to get the current stock down of the 2T first.

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I think that will be my next bike splurge…the 3 whenever it comes out. Maybe it’ll even support dual-bluetooth and rebroadcasting of ANT+ power meters! We can dream.


Can I ask why you are sick of the kickr and which model?

My drivo ii is on the way out, power reading all over the place, and I’m looking for something to replace it.


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