Tacx Neo 2T vs Wahoo Kickr V5 recommendations based on vibrations

I am looking to upgrade from a low end wheel on smart trainer to either a Tacx Neo 2T or Wahoo Kicker V5.
Criteria: My main criteria is quiet operation and based on DC Rainmaker(DCR) both are virtually silent apart from the drivetrain. What DCR could not confirm nor did DCR test was vibration of the trainer.

My question is does anyone have any expierence with either of these units and vibration?

I live in the city, apartment style living and I am concernd with possible vibrations and effects on the neighbors below, I intend to workout at odd hours when most folks are sleeping.


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I have a Neo2T and no vibrations as long as you don’t have it plugged in which is what powers the road feel.


Have the 2T… 0 complaints.

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I have a dedicated Tacx user since NEO v1 and no issue what so ever.


Given how you intend to use it, the neo is the saver option. The kickr is a great machine however it has a huge flywheel, which can rumble a little.


You can turn off road feel in the Tacx utility app.

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I have both, a NEO 2 and a KICKR 5. In my experience they are equal. As mentioned, road feel on the NEO can be turned off. My wife slightly prefers the NEO. I slightly prefer the KICKR. Neither give vibration issues. Both are quiet. I would advise a mat under them. I would suggest that you go with whichever you are comfortable. I don’t think you will be displeased.


Forgot about that but for me I just unplug it if I don’t want it. Personally though I do like it even though it is a gimmick.

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No vibration on the Neo 2T. You do not need to have it plugged in to have the road feel. As someone said, this can be turned off in Zwift. Plugging in keeps the flywheel rolling. Otherwise it comes to a stop much faster than a road bike would which hurts realism.

I love my Neo 2T and from the sounds of it, you can’t go wrong with the Wahoo either.

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Neo 2T user, on a mat if that matters. Have it upstairs in a rickety hundred year old house. Can ride without any issues of noise from the Wifey or the newborn baby.

Kickr may be fine too… I got the 2T because i liked the lack of a big old flywheel.

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I went from Kicker1 to Neo (mainly for noise), you’ll be happy with either

(presonnally prefered the Kicker, so it was a £1000 well spent), turn off the road feel (though I thoought it still worked with power off) didn’t notice any virations with either

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thanks for the response


Thanks. I am also making the assumption that you also have neighbors or roomroommates below your trainer?

Thanks. Good to know as the last thing I want is the door bell ringing in the wee hours. :man_facepalming:

Thanks good info

Thanks that is good to know. As for which one I am more comfortable with is unkown. My only experience with smart trainers is a low end wheel on and it is loud. But got the job done once I accepted the limitations.
I am guessing with both if these units there will be no limitation issues. Ergo, noise and vibration became the key criteria. if I can control that then it gives me more flexibility with my training and family/training conflicts.
thanks again

Okay thanks for the quick response

Okay thanks, That is a key touch point wifey and daughter unmolested by my training

Thank for the response good info