Tacx Neo 2T Smart Trainer

Native thru axle and less “slip” seem the big draws for the 2T. But I have no push for it and will stick with my Neo 2.

Hi! Sorry to revive older thread but my latest Kickr Gen 1 issues got me interested in a new trainer I can use for the next 5 years.

I just got a 2T on order knowing the low power reading issues. Am I a sucker to believe they must have a fix coming? Neo being a virtual flywheel I feel like they must be able to fix it with a firmware than hardware changes. I was tempted to get a Neo 2 but I know I’ll regret it with the virtual tire slip problems. @GPLama 's review was 3 months ago and I can’t find much info around if any new firmware came out after that.

I just got one (and updated the firmware) and it’s pretty alright. It appears to be about 10w below my P2M but I’ll double check with next weeks ramp test to get a better idea. I would expect it to read differently compared to a power meter placed elsewhere on the bike. If you can hold tight until Tuesday I can repost what I find with the ramp test for you.

10 watts less sounds about right from the reviews. Looking forward to what you find on ramp test.
I hope they resolve issues! It’s pretty damn expensive to be not very accurate.

Smart bike trainers on YT aka Tariq also did a review just recently. And from what I recall his review was using the latest FW and experienced minor to zero issues.

I’m still looking for answers as to the accuracy differences I see between the Neo 1 and the Neo 2T. I really need the 2T to be as accurate/reliable/etc as my 2016 Neo. It’s not. I’m grinding away behind the scenes with different bikes, power meters, I’ve even sat down with Tacx at their HQ. They’ve been great in working with me on this, unlike… well… Anyhow. It’s a work in progress. I’ll post up very loudly once I see a Neo 2T that matches my original Neo (which I’d love to retire from the Lama Lab).


Ah :face_with_monocle:…can you give more details (or are you under NDA)?

Appreciate the update. I’m looking forward to more info / your loud post :slightly_smiling_face:

ditto. experiencing also a 10W diff and it’s a bit annoying. Not life threatening, obviously, but annoying nevertheless.

Not life threatening :rofl:

what’s your setup? what PM you’re using?

Assioma duo. Seems I’m not the only one in this situation

@GPLama have you been able to close down your lab (or to put it another way have Tacx come up with an answer)? There are lots of us out there who are seeing similar issues - in my case its a 5-10% difference between my Neo 2T and Stages power meter

There’s a new (ish?) firmware I need to revisit on the 2T. It’s winter here now… it’s cold outside. So this might be on the cards soon.

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Worth noting. I’ve recalibrated the assiomas in TR and it was much better.
I was doing it only on my garmin, maybe that was part of the issue.

0.0.34? Think that’s like 9 months old. Didn’t solve my power accuracy issues at all. Maybe you have better luck with it! :upside_down_face:

@GPLama, so it’s good now for you? Any thoughts/ideas on what could be causing this? Seems weird that the difference isn’t linear as power increases. Something to do with less accuracy as virtual flywheel speed increases? Or maybe cadence?

I had much better results on one test where I did sprints at high cadences, as opposed to the below test rides which were ridden at normal cadences.

my neo one is usually 7-9 watts below my assiomas. the difference is such that i may never be a zwift champion in B grade lol


7-9W makes total sense to me, drivetrain loss and all. I’d expect to see the same percentage difference at all power levels. What confuses me is the much greater discrepancy that I see in shorter duration hard efforts. My sprints are around 2x less accurate than longer efforts (if you trust the Assioma, which match my Rallys as well).

Hard to tell with overall averages. You’d need to perform a number of tests across different power levels and compare those. It’s a rabbit hole.

Does this make power matching the best way to get reliable resistance from a smart trainer. I have duos and a Tacx 1 and I’ve noticed big discrepancies so I’ve just used power matching for the past year or so.