TACX Flux - Type 1 or Type 2

This might be common knowledge and if so, please delete this topic.

Until yesterday evening, I was unaware of the fact that TACX trainers can be categorised as Type 1 or, Type 2. How did I find out which Type of trainer I owned? I had to provide the number printed on the freehub to a Garmin assistant.

Why did I do this? I wanted to place a thru axle, disc brake bike, onto a TACX Flux S. The adapters I’d previously used to fix the same bike to a Flux 2 simply didn’t work. In fact, I systematically worked through every adapter combination and nothing would match the threading on the Flux S.

Turns out that the Flux S I have is a Type 2 trainer. The number on the freehub is: T2875-01

To fit the thru axle bike, I need the adapter kit: S0054

I’m sharing this as I hope that it might save someone the time and effort I spent trying to get to the bottom of this puzzle.