Tacx Flux 2 Power Issues

I have just requested to join :slight_smile:

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I could do with finding this rollback file. I’ve been backwards and forwards with Garmin for weeks.

To be fair, they have offered to exchange my trainer. In actual fact, they’re very keen to exchange my trainer. In their email response, they said that nothing like my complaint had been registered before and they would like to assess my unit. Just reading this thread, I’m pretty sure that they’ve had lots of issues like the one I’ve reported.

It’s good they’ve been so helpful to you. I had quite a different experience! As far as I know, my case is open with them from last March - no reply! If you don’t have any luck I’ll try and find the file, but should be readily available on the FB page

i only just got accepted however had an IT nightmare last night.

15 minutes in and the computer blue screened and refused any bluetooth connections. after some grumbling and swearing i grabbed my ipad and fired that up.

very different experience. will try again tonight on some higher intervals

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Did my session this evening had the usual drops and waves lines and I opened a ticket with garmin/tacx. The asked me to try the training app.

Solid 200 watts proper feedback on the pedals and a consistent 10 watts difference.

Importantly I could feel the resistance even in the small ring so I am going raise it with TR as if the garmin app can control the trainer so can TR

I can only find the downloads for IOS and Android, how do I do this on my laptop?

I am experiencing this exact problem with my brand new flux2. I’ve been trying to sort it out for almost a week and it’s so frustrating. Thanks for the tip about the Tacx facebook group, I’ve checked it out but cannot find the links to rollback the firmware. I’ll keep looking.

Click the grey ‘files’ button near the top of the FB page. There are various firmware files there. I believe I’m on the earliest one still from April 2020.