Tacx Flux 2 2012 - scrape noise and copper coloured disc inside out of true

This was a warranty replacement for my Genius back in August so I have no idea what Garmin will say or do to help, but in the new year I will try them - I am out of the 2 year period though.

Due to injury I set it up and did a 10 minute test to make sure it was ok. Seemed to have no issues then but I probably had music on and missed this noise.

It’s sat unmoved ever since covered up - no impacts, not dropped, no bike on it.

Popped bike on today and there is a scraping noise, looking in the vent on the rear the copper disc edge is really out of true as per video below.

Any ideas before I try to warranty?

Better video here

Happy to say Garmin have offered to replace it. A real pain to send back another trainer, but at least this time they are paying return (last one was £70 insured to return to them!)