Switching to a road bike

So I got a turbo trainer and TR so I could train for my Enduro or DH mtb races on week days or when weather stops weekend rides.

So far, I’ve been using a hard tail that I’ve fitted out to be similar geometry to my race bike, along with flat pedals, with the thinking that it will translate better.

However, as almost all my race runs are done standing, and the only time I’m seated is riding up between stage transitions…I’m thinking it’s kinda pointless.

Thus, I’m considering swapping the hardtail and a small amount of cash for my friends Cervelo Soloist (correct size, we’re the same height and inner seam).

Do you think switching to clips and a road bike would make any difference to my training, or just carry on as is?

I have my hardtail on the trainer and ride my roadbikes outdoors. Stack and reach are similar on all bikes (as it should be) and I haven’t noticed any positives or negatives. I do have inner bar ends on the hardtail that resemble the hoods of my roadbikes tough.

If you only plan on riding the cervelo on the trainer I’d say it’s not worth it. If you plan on riding the roadbike outdoors as well, then go ahead and do it. A different bike can ‘broaden your cycling horizon’ and be a good alternative to riding enduro/dh all the time.

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It won’t be as dialled in as much, for instance the flat bar standing up position will be different from the drop bars, gearing will be different, q factor I think is different, clips if you have no clips on the mtb may change your habits of your pedalling stroke. But its still training which is better than none. If you are thinking of leaving a road bike on the trainer and enjoying your mtb outdoors (without having the hassle of removing it from the trainer, I’d say go for it :slight_smile:

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Some great points here, may as well just leave the hardtail on then. Thank you!

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If you have an interest in doing longer, outdoor road riding then I would definitely get the soloist. But if it’s just gonna sit on the trainer then I don’t think it matters.

Yes, there are posture and geo differences between your race bike an the road bike but as long as you’re still riding your race bike consistently then I don’t think that’s a big deal.

The road bike would give you much more diverse riding and training options paired with an enduro bike than a HT with and enduro bike.

Personally, I would get the road bike. But don’t if you don’t think you’ll use it for long road rides.

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