Swiss Stop Brake Silencer

Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone has experience of using this product?

I spotted a pretty negative review from Bike Radar, but wondered if anyone on here has used? My brakes are pretty noisy, but I prefer to stop noisily rather than not stop quietly!

SwissStop Disc Brake Silencer - BikeRadar

It’s called brake cleaner. Don’t use the automotive stuff; it’s too harsh on your other stuff. This particular stuff is from 2009 and might not exist anymore.

The noise is caused by oils and stuff sticking to your rotors unevenly, the rotor being bent, the pads rubbing the rotor in the wrong way (one pad always leans on the rotor), or something vibrating at the wrong/right frequency.

Uneven brake bite / no bite -Your best bet is going to be cleaning them quickly with some sort of cleaner that can remove oils, sanding the surface, then cleaning them with alcohol, and finally rebedding them. Recenter the caliper by loosening the caliper, grabbing and holding the brake lever, re-tighten the rotor, release brake - this will get it centered and in the right plane. Maybe even put a dab of grease on the piston side of your brake pad (that copper grease if you put a lot of heat into your brakes on long descents or something)

ping ping ping - You might even need to true them. The new SRAM HS2 rotor are thicker than other rotors, so they are less prone to bending.

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Tuning fork noises - Try putting a shim/washer between the rotor lockring/bolts and the rotor. Also try different rotors. Clean the rotors/recenter the caliper/grease the pad backing plate/piston face.