Front brake caliper rubbing when braking sometimes


I have recently changed rotor and brake pads on my Shimano Ultegra Di2 bike. I was struggling with some issues with the dura ace rotor and metallic pads, so went with campagnolo rotor and swissstop resin pads, now completely quiet again :slight_smile:

However, my issue is that sometimes when I brake and then pedal to re-accelerate, the front rotor makes a rubbing noise, clearly it’s rubbing against the pads, when I then press the brake again, it goes away… this never happens on the rear…

What do you think this could be? And how to fix it? I have checked the rotor position and it seems to be quite well aligned, when I spin the wheel, it doesn’t make any rubbing noise at all…

Any idea? Thanks so much for your help! :slight_smile:

Have had this multiple times, usually what’s called a “sticky piston”. For me it has helped to remove brake pads, then push out the pistons and clean them!

There are lots of guides online how to do this :slight_smile: